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John Duport, A.M., was presented 29th April 1585 :

void by the death of* Hervie 81 . He died in 1617.

His will, dated in Oct. 1617, was proved in Feb.

1617-18. Thomas Goad, S. T. P., was presented 16th Feb.

1617-18: void by the death of Duport B2 . He died

about Aug. 1638. Thomas Wykes, S.T.P., prebendary of Holywell, was

collated 27th Aug. 1638 : void by the death of* Goad 83 .

He died about Aug. 1644. Vacant sixteen years. Joseph Ceowtheb, S.T.P., was collated 25th Aug.

1660 : void by the death of Wykes 84 . He died 16th

Dec. 1689, and was buried in St. Paul's cathedral.

He was also prebendary of Brownswode. Thomas Tikmr, S. T. P., was collated nth Jan.

1689-90 : void by the death of Crowther 85 . LlONELL Gatioi;i>,S.T.1\, was installed 5th May 1714.

He resigned this office for the treasurership. Thomas DlBBEN, A.M., was installed 1 6th June 1714.

He died a prisoner in the Fleet, 5th April 1741 . Edmund Gibson, 8th April 1741, vice Dibben B6 . Anthony Hamilton, 26th April 177 1 s ", vice Edmund

Gibson. Herbert Randolph, 12th Nov. 1812^, vice Anthony

Hamilton. Ob. 8th March 1819, setat. 72. Charles Almeric Belli, 16th March 1 819 v >, vice

Herbert Randolph.

This dignity is rated for first fruits at 46L js. 6d.^.

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