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Catalogice of Bj-and Material.


(&) Ceremonies ve Viands.

A piece of pancake buried on

this day brings luck for

twelve months If pancakes are not made

and tossed, it brings ill-luck Spinsters must be able to toss

a pancake before marriage

(c) Begging Customs.

The poor beg for flour and lard to make pancakes


South Wales. South Wales. North Wales.

North Wales.

West and Mid- Wales. Formerly common. Pembrokeshire. Flint (Whitford School).

{d) Games and Sports.

Throwing coloured eggs

" Threshing the hen " (which had not begun to lay)

" Throwing at birds " (leaden figures, used as cockshies) -

" Bun loaves " used as cock- shies - - - -

Cockfighting (formerly a favourite sport not con- fined to Shrovetide).

IV. Special Local Celebrations.

Blindman's Buff (called Mwgwdyr Teir, the blinding of the hens). (A masked man having a hen tied to his back ran about the

streets carrying a long rod, with J- Montgomery (Llanidloes) which he chased anyone who touched him. The crowd simi- larly armed, endeavoured to kill the hen with one blow.) Football Contests

Between different parishes - Pembrokeshire (Nar-

berth, Hund. of Cem- maes, Tenby, etc.). Denbighshire (Llanar- mon and Llancadwa- ladr). Carmarthenshire (Laugh- arne).

Between town and country

V. Business transacted.

Dues of hens paid to landlord

Cardiganshire (Nantros).