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Abercromby, John, review of " Souma- laisia Kansansatuja", 321-324; Should folk tales be termed modern ? 78-79 Agricultural stage of society, 60 Analysis of Manx proverbs, 229 Analysis of Saga growth, loo-ioi Analysis of well-water of Chibber Uney

(Man), 228-229 Ancestors, spirits of, 26 Andr^, J. Lewis, on Guy Fawkes at

Ramsgate Anichkof, Prof. Eugene, St. Nicholas

and Artemis, 108-120 Animals shaped like human beings

found in Ireland, 307 Annual address by President, 43-69 Annual report of Council, i-viii Anthropological classification of Manx

proverbs, 235-236 Anthropological method of folk-lore

fallacious, 139 Artemis, in feud with St. Nicholas,

111-112 Artemis, festival of, 112 Aitemis, goddess of fecundity, 112 Artemis, not the Greek goddess, but blending of three goddesses (Anaitis, etc.) into one, 112-113 Astral bodies, belief in, quoted in miti- gation of crime, 15

Balance-sheet of Folk-Lore Society,

1893, ix Barclay, Isabella, on miscellaneous

superstitions, 337-338 Beads, black, as marriage token, 19 Berkshire, scraps of folk-lore from, 336 B6dier, M. , as a casualist, 131 Blood covenant, by A. Nutt, 282 Boar-hunting, unique way of, 34 Bomerang, used by Eastern KuUens, 34 Bread-baking of Kourds, 47 Burial, strange ceremonies of, 35-36 Burial of teeth with body in Cornwall,

by Rosamund Venning, 343 Burial usages, prehistoric changes in,

discussed, 165 Burne, Miss C. S., on Guy Fawkes

day observances, 38-40 Butter, bewitched, 185

Cake-eating on St. Andrew's eve in Greece, 164

Calendar notices of Irish customs, 191- 197

Calendar notices of St. Nicholas, 114

Canons of the Greek Church, supersti- tions in, by W. R. Paton, 275-278 ; by Dr. Gaster, 333

Castes, secluded, 54

Castle, Themer (Tama), story of, 310

Casual theory, 129

Cause of the Evil Eye, 199

Celtic, professional relaters, 98

Ceremonies : birth of Indian races, 25 ; burial of Indian races, 25 ; marriage of Indian races, 19-24

Character of the Irish people, remarks on the, 303

Charms and cures, Irish, 198-200

Charms to cause death, 17

Chibber-Uney, analysis of water of, 228-229

Chm-chyard, strange, at Inishglory, 305

Cinderella, origin of, by Jacobs, Nutt, and Newell, 134-138; Leitrim, variant of, 203-209

Circumcision, observed by non-Islam- ites, 33

Classification, anthropological, of Manx proverbs, 235-236 ; historical, of Manx proverbs, 237 ; judicial, of Manx pro- verbs, 236 ; physical, of Manx pro- verbs, 236 ; political, of Manx proverbs, 236 ; scientific, of Manx proverbs, 235-271

Clothing of images, 333-335

Clutterbuck, witchcraft at Abbott's Anne, 107

Coins thrown into wells, 222, 227

Comparison of Norse and Irish expres- sions, 315

Comparison-theory of unlike elements, 46

Compromise of Christianity with folk- culture, 147

Confession made to lifeless beings, 62

Contes de la Haute Bretagne, par P. St^billot. Contributions a I'itude des Contes Populaires, par P. S^billot, reviewed by E. Sidney Hartland, 328- 329