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Title Folk-Lore, Volume 5
Author various
Year 1894
Publisher David Nutt, for The Folk-Lore Society
Location Lon
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed
Volumes Page scans for

The Folk-Lore Journal 1883–1889.

Index: Vol 1, 1883Vol 2, 1884Vol 3, 1885Vol 4, 1886Vol 5, 1887Vol 6, 1888Vol 7, 1889

Folk-Lore; a Quarterly Review 1890–

Index: Vol 1 (1890)Vol 2 (1891)Vol 3 (1892)Vol 4 (1893)Vol 5 (1894)Vol 6 (1895)Vol 7 (1896)Vol 8 (1897)Vol 9 (1898)Vol 10 (1899)Vol 11 (1900) ... Vol 13 (1902)Vol 14 (1903)Vol 15 (1904)Vol 16 (1905)Vol 17 (1906)Vol 18 (1907) ... Vol 20 (1909)Vol 21 (1910)Vol 22 (1911)Vol 23 (1912)Vol 24 (1913)Vol 25 (1914)Vol 26 (1915)Vol 27 (1916)Vol 28 (1917)Vol 29 (1918)Vols 30 & 31 (1919 & 1920)Vols 32 & 33 (1921 & 1922)


I.—(March 1894.)
St. Valentine’s Day Custom at Northrepps. W. B. Gerish 3
Cursing-Stones in Counties Fermanagh, Cavan, etc. G. H. Kinahan, M.R.I.A. 3
Religious Tableaux in Italian Churches. W. H. D. Rouse 4
Italian Votive Offerings. W. H. D. Rouse 11
South Indian Murder Trials. E. Sewell 14
Early Races of South India. F. Fawcett 18
Guy Fawkes on the South Coast. Miss Burne 38
Masock. Mrs. Murray-Aynsley 40
Presidential Address. G. L. Gomme, F.S.A. 43
II.—(June 1894.)
Saga-Growth. F. York Powell, M.A., F.S.A. 97
St. Nicolas and Artemis. Prof. Eugene Anichkof 108
The Roman van Walewein. Prof. W. P. Ker 121
The Problem of Diffusion: Rejoinders. Joseph Jacobs, B.A., and A. Nutt 129
III.—(September 1894.)
Further Notes from County Leitrim. Leland L. Duncan, F.S.A. 177
Water and Well-Worship in Man. A. W. Moore 212
On the Classification of Proverbs and Sayings of the Isle of Man; with a Collection of Proverbs in Manx and English. G. W. Wood, F.I.C. 229
IV.—(December 1894.)
“Tommy on the Tub’s Grave”. R. Weir Schultz 290
Ghostly Lights. M. J. Walhouse 293
The Irish Mirabilia in the Norse “Speculum Regale”. Kuno Meyer 299
Legends from the Woodlarks, British New Guinea. A. C. Haddon 310
Rev. S. T. Rand’s Legends of the Micmacs. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 70
M. A. Owen’s Old Rabbit the Voodoo. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 72
Joseph Jacobs’ More English Fairy Tales. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 70
Sir George Douglas’ Scottish Fairy and Folk-Tales. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 76
G. Pitré's Bibliografia delle Tradizioni popolari d’Italia. Joseph Jacobs 150
M. Lehmann-Filhés’ Isländische Volkssagen. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 154
The Gaelic Journal. Leland L. Duncan, F.S.A. 155
Some Recent Anthropological Essays. Prof. A. C. Haddon 158
Suomalaisia Kansansatuja. John Abercromby 324
W. F. Kirby’s Hero of Esthonia, and other Studies in the Romantic Literature of that Country. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 324
M. Wardrop’s Georgian Folk-Tales. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 326
Paul Sébillot’s Contes de la Haute Bretagne; Contributions à l'Etude des Contes Populaires; and Légendes du Pays de Paimpol. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 328
G. Georgeakis et Léon Pineau’s Le Folk-Lore de Lesbos. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 330
Joseph Jacobs’ More Celtic Fairy Tales. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. 332
Should Folk-tales be termed Modern? Hon. John Abercromby and A. Nutt 78
Irish Folk-lore. Miss Nora Hopper 80
Sacrifices to the Dead. W. R. Paton 164
Superstitions in the Canons. W. R. Paton and Dr. Gaster 275
Clothed Images. Gertrude M. Godden 334
Folk-lore Items from Český Lid and North Indian Notes and Queries. W. H. D. Rouse 81
Oxfordshire Mummers (Illustrated) 88
An East-Anglian Harvest Custom. W. B. Gerish 167
Popular Explanation of Tree-Decay. G. H. Skipworth 169
Folk-lore Items from North Indian Notes and Queries. W. H. D. Rouse 279
Blood Covenant. A. Nutt 282
Fire o’ Stones. Nora Hopper 282
Irish Folk-lore Items 283
An Unpublished Scottish Lullaby. John Abercromby 336
Scraps of Folk-lore. Isabella Barclay 336
Modern Greek Birth-Customs. Miss Nutt 338
Folk-lore Jottings from the Western Counties. Grey Hubert Skipworth 339
Hop-Scotch at Simla. H. Babington Smith 340
Widow Carrying Hay Inauspicious 340
Jottings from Easingwold, Yorkshire. Hugh C. Fairfax-Cholmeley 342
Wiltshire Jottings. S. Smith 342
Guy Fawkes at Ramsgate. J. Lewis André 343
Burial of Teeth with Body in Cornwall. Rosamond Venning 343
Folk-lore Items from Český Lid. W. H. D. Rouse 343
Folk-lore Items from North Indian Notes and Queries. W. H. D. Rouse 344
Folk-lore Bibliography (1,2, 3, 4) 90, 170, 284, 352
Index 358