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Convention in folk literature, 134-135 Coolkil, ruined church of, 200 Corpse-candles, Welsh superstition, 293 Cowards living as outcasts, 311 Criminal instinct of Indian races, 19 Crissa-Crossa chair, 189 Curse of St. Patrick, turning men into

wolves, 311 Cursing-stones in counties Fermanagh,

Cavan, etc., G. H. Kinahan on, 3-4 Custom, possible borrowing of, 140-141 Customs, Irish, calendar notices of,

191-197 Customs, Papuan funeral, 319

Date of origin of St. Nicholas' legends,

118-119 Death by drowning, belief current in

Great Yarmouth concerning, 14 Definition of term "convention", 134-

Derivation of the word " Nicolaus", by

Grimm, etc. , 120 Development of heroic tales, 98-99 Devil-fires, 294

Devils inhabiting an island, 306-307 Devil worshippers, 294 Diffusion (of folk tales), problem of, by

J. Jacobs, 129 et seq. Douglas, Sir George, Scottish Fairy and

Folk Tales, reviewed by E. Sidney

Hartland, 76-77 Duncan, L. Leland, Further Notes

from County Antrim, 177-209 ;

review of the Gaelic Journal, 155-


Earth eaten instead of the Sacrament by the dying, 62

Easter sepulchre in England, 5

Egil's Hofiidlausn not genuine, 105

Egil-saga, development of, analysed, 101-105

Ellis, Col. , on village communities, dis- cussed by G. L. Gomme, 56-58

Ethnographic survey, 50 et seq.

European origin of folk-tales vcrsjis foreign, 148

Evil eye, cause of, 199

Evolution theory, 149

Fcereyinga Saga, development of, 105-

106 Fairfax-Cholmely, Hugh C. , F. jottings

from Easingwold, Yorkshire, 341-342 False doctrine embodied in proverbs,

233 Fawcett, F. , on Some of the earliest

existing Races of the Plains of South

India, 18-38 Fawkes, Guy, on south coast, Miss

C. S. Burne on, 38-40 Field, Edward, on "Tommy on thetub'b

grave", 292

Fire-o' -stones, by Nora Hopper, 282


Folk-lore items from Cesky Lid, 81-82,

343-344 Folk-lore items from North-Indian

Notes and Queries, by W, H. D.

Rouse, 279-282, 344-351 Folk-lore jottings from the Western

counties, by G. H. Skipworth, 339 Folk-lore, ' lateral' and 'vertical' spread

of, 140-146 Folk-lore, le, de Lesbos, par G. Geor-

geakis et L^on Pineau, reviewed by

E. Sidney Hartland, 329-330 Folk-lore, scraps of, from Berkshire,

336 Folk-lore Society, officers and members

of the, xi-xx Folk-lore Society, Transactions of the,

1-2, 14-40, 43-69, 107-120, 128-149,

210-272 Folk-tales to be studied by literary

versus anthropological methods, 130 Folk-tales as element of anthropology,

14s Folk tales, if modern, "jZ-jg Eraser, J. G. , on " Tommy on the tub's

grave", 290-292 Funeral, child, in Mexico, 62 Funeral custom, Papuan, 319 Further notes from county Leitrim,

by Leland L. Duncan, 177-209

Gaelic Journal, Review of, by Leland

L. Duncan, 155-157 Games of Masock and Mattoo, Mrs.

Murray Aynsley on, 40-42 Georgian Folk-tales, translated by

Margery Wardrop, reviewed by E.

Sidney Hartland, 326-328 Gerish, W. B., St. Valentine's Day

custom at Northrepps, 3 ; East

Anglian harvest custom, 167-169 German form of St. Nicholas cult, 115 Ghostly lights in Mysore, 295 Ghostly lights, by M. J. Walhouse,

293-299 Ghost ship sailing in the air, 312 Ghost and spirit stories of Ireland, 179-


Goats, sacrifice of, 37

Gomme, G. L. , Annual Address as President, 43-69. (Relation of myth to fact ; discussion of tribal organisa- tion in India and archaic Britain; village community and tribal com- munity ; early appeara,nce of agricul- tural stage in development of human society ; folk-religions and culture- religions ; folk-tales and literature)

Grateful dead, incident in IValewein, 127

Graves of heroes emitting flames, 295

Greenland, outcasts in, 55

Gunpowder, knov.n to early races, 26