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The Folk-Lore Journal Volume 6 1888.djvu


Abercromby (Hon. Ralph). Cloud-Land in Folk-Lore and in Science 94-115
Babcock (W. H.) Folk-Tales and Folk-Lore collected in and near Washington 85-94
Batchelor (Rev. J.) Some Specimens of Aino Folk-Lore 193-196
Birth Ceremonies of the Prabhus (reprint) 75-77
Black (William George). Charms and Spells at Gretna 189-199
Chamberlain (Basil Hall). Aino Folk-Tales 1-51
Dempster (Miss). Folk-Lore of Sutherlandshire 149-189, 215-252
Folk-Lore of the Feroe Islands (reprint) 129-133
Foster (J. J.) Dorset Folk-Lore 115-119
Frazer (J. G.) Folk-Lore at Balquhidder 268-271
Gregor (Rev. W.) Some Folk-Lore from Achterneed 262-265
Hartland (E. Sidney). The Treasure on the Drim 125-128
Dafydd William Dafydd and the Fairies 191-193
Harvey (D. F. A ) Traditions of the Mentra, or Aborigines of Malacca and the adjoining States 64-74
Irish Folk-Lore (reprint) 51-64
Kinahan (G. H.) Irish Plant-Lore Notes 265-267
King (Capt. J. S.) Notes on the Folk-Lore and some Social Customs of the Western Somali Tribes 119-125

Marriage Customs of the Moors of Ceylon (reprint)

Notes and Queries 77-80, 142-146, 209-212, 271-277
Notices and News 80-84, 146-148, 212-214, 277-278
Raja Donan: a Malay Fairy Tale (reprint) 134-139
Sanborn (John Wentworth). Folk-Lore of the Seneca Indians of North America 196-199
Wratislaw (Rev. A. H.) The Three Lemons 199-209
––– The Lame Fox 252-262