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ſtimulate the mind to virtue, to promote univerſal benevolence, to make mankind happy. Thoſe who would know more of the matter may enquire of Mr Newbery.'

This quaint and curious announcement, with its ſly humour and ſerious playfulneſs, is characteristic of the house of John Newbery, in the latter part of the laſt century; and there is no need to ſpeak here of the fame of the books for children which he publiſhed; "the philanthropic publiſher of St Paul's Churchyard," as Goldſmith calls him, conferred ineſtimable benefits upon thouſands of little folk, of both high and low eſtate. It is ſaid of Southey when a child that

'The well-known publiſhers of "Goody Two Shoes," "Giles Gingerbread," and other ſuch delectable hiſtories, in