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List of Publications 5

by Charles H. Shannon, and one by T. R. Way; Caricatures by Max Beerbohm; Views in London by Joseph Pennell; Unpublished Illustrations to Dante's Divine Comedy, by William Blake ; and examples of the work of Botticelli, Whistler, D. G. Rossetti, Eisen, Charles Conder, Louis Oury, W. Rothenstein, F. Sandys, Jacques E. Blanche, J. Lemmen, W. T. Horton, Ph. Caresme, Albert Sterner, W. Sickert, Mrs P. Dearmer, Phil

May, W. B. Macdougall, A. K. Womrath, Fred Hyland, etc. etc.

Literary Contents.—Among the contributors of Prose and Verse are W. B. Yeats, Edmund Gosse, George Moore, G. Bernard Shaw, John Gray, Frederick Wedmore, Paul Verlaine, Max Beerbohm, Fiona Macleod, Vincent O'Sullivan, Clara Savile Clarke, Bliss Carman, Emile Verhaeren, Edward Carpenter, Havelock Ellis, Selwyn Image, Humphrey James, Joseph Conrad, Theodore Wratislaw, Ernest Dowson, Rudolf Dircks, Mathilde Blind, Cesare Lombroso, Leila Macdonald, Hubert Crackanthorpe, Edgar Prestage, George Morley, Ford Maddox Hueffer, Osman Edwards, Stephane Mallarme, Antonio Ferreira, R.

M.-Wierzbinski, Joseph Pennell, Ernest Rhys, Edith M. Thomas, O. G. Destrée, Sarojini Chattopadhyay, Lionel Johnson, Jean Moreas, Gabriel Gillett, O. Shakespear, Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Symons, etc. etc.

These three volumes, profusely illustrated, and luxuriously printed, in crown 4to, on fine paper, at the Chiswick Press, present a most interesting record of the work done in 1896 by the "New School" of English writers and artists.


The Rape of the Lock. By Alexander

Pope. Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.

Edition de Luxe of the above famous Poem, printed at the Chiswick Press, in crown 4to size, on old-style paper, illustrated with nine elaborate drawings by Mr Aubrey Beardsley, and bound in specially designed cloth cover. Limited edition, price 10s. 6d. net. Twenty-five copies on Japanese vellum, at Two Guineas net.

[Large Paper Edition out of print.


The Rape of the Lock. Bijou Edition,

consisting of 1000 copies on art paper and 50 copies on Japanese vellum, in demy 16mo. The publisher thinks that the reduction in size of the plates in this edition has in no way injured their attractiveness or brilliancy; a new cover design was furnished by Mr Beardsley, and the cover design to the 1896 Edition is reproduced on the third page of this volume. The volume is bound in a specially designed scarlet cloth cover. Price 4s. net. Fifty copies printed on Japanese vellum, price One Guinea net.