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This page needs to be proofread.

70 Not 'ulm:ting hthm, u of Panama. �?e? h a ?n?de?ble qu?fi? ? ? ?, b?t ? ?- eular use is m?e of i?. N?t?.--Whifish, sof?, ?d b?ttle; lo?, ?tted ?in; grows ?he sizeof a?u? one f?t six inches &meter, ?d is com?n. ?iw.--Whifish, hard, Wugh, clue ?n, ?d hea?; gm? W ?h? f?t di?e?r, ?d is mmmon; ?e sine ? bird-li? ?. p?.?Whi?, clos?r?ed, ha?, no? ?h, ?d h?; ? a small ?m, ?d is s?e. P?.--A redd?h brow, cl?-?d, ha? ?; ve? Wugh ?d ?; ?ws ? ? feet di?e?r, ?d is ?n. Pi?l?h. p? ?A which, cloaking, ?sh ?; ra?er t?gh; grows from s? inches ? one f?t di?e?r, ?d rather sc?e; ? gener?ly ? in hou?bui?. p? b?.--A white, shiny, 1o?-gr?ed w?; light ?d ?, a v? sm? pith; g? ? one f?t di?eter; is ?n. ?j?o.--Hard, cid, ? ?ugh, ?d ?t?mble ?; excellent w?d; grows ? the si? of two feet dimeter; in- destruc?ble; ?mon, ?d muc? ? in h?se-bu?. ?ra.--A ?h ?d; very ha?, close-g?e? and hea?; of dif- fer? ?1ours--from Bght brown to ve? d?k; ?s ? ?- able ?our when newly ?t; ?ws to the si? of three feet ? inches diame?r, (but gene?ly ?m one f?t ? t? fe? six inches,) and ve? high; it is plenti?l, ?d much used house-b?lding. R?k.--Whitish ?y, and long?ed, Hke de?: ? ? a ?e sire, ?d ve? ?mmon; used much in hou?-buildi?, but ?rly by the Indi? for ?dl? for the? ?s. 8? a?l?.--A yello?sh w?; mffish, ?ne-g?n?, brittle, and light; gro? ? the sire of one f? or one f?t s? in? d?e?r; is very st?a?ht, and nos ?arce. S? caml?.--Hard, close ?; a whitish, s?in? w?d; excellent for h?ps; [ong?r?ed, ?d rough; grows ? a ? ?ze, but ?mmon. ?--?e beech. 8i?.--A h?d, cline, 1ong-?ain?, &r?, brutish white ?; ?ugh, ?d grows ? a ?e ?ze. ?.?A which, ? w?, lille p?zed. ?.?Whi?, Mng ?ain, ?d ?f?; ?mmon, ? gram four inches to one f?t d?emr. Totu?.--?e c?b?h tree; a ?mmon ?; grows ? ?e size of one f?t d?e?r, or more. T?2?Yello?sh. white, soft, ?ugh, long g?, ?d light; ? a?ut one f?t two inches di?e?r, and ? ?mmon. Ye?.--H? a f?t of a lo?, whi?, can&e-like ?; ?e ? is hard?h, ?h a whi?, ?ugh, and fine long grain; cline hea?; grows only ? a small ?, ?d ? ?o? ?o ? ?--W?tis? h?sh, ?h, and a fine, s? Dig,tiz?d by Google