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The Koran

any other path than that of the faithful, we will turn our back on him as he hath turned his back on us, and we will cast him into Hell;—an evil journey thither!

God truly will not forgive the joining other gods with Himself. Other sins He will forgive to whom He will: but he who joineth gods with God, hath erred with far-gone error.

They call, beside Him, upon mere goddesses! they invoke a rebel Satan!

On them is the malison of God. For he said, “ A portion of thy servants will I surely take, and will lead them astray, and will stir desires within them, and will command them and they shall cut the ears of animals;[1] and I will command them, and they shall alter the creation of God.”[2] He who taketh Satan rather than God for his patron, is ruined with palpable ruin:

He hath made them promises, and he hath stirred desires within them ; but Satan promiseth, only to beguile!


These! their dwelling Hell! no escape shall they find from it!

But they who believe and do the things that are right, we will bring them into gardens beneath which the rivers flow; For ever shall they abide therein. Truly it is the promise of God: And whose word is more sure than God's?

Not according to your wishes, or the wishes of the people of the Book, shall these things be. He who doth evil shall be recompensed for it. Patron or helper, beside God, shall he find none.

But whoso doth the things that are right, whether male or female, and he or she a believer,—these shall enter Paradise, nor shall they be wronged the skin of a date stone.

And who hath a better religion than he who resigneth himself to God, who doth what is good, and followeth the faith of Abraham in all sincerity? And God took Abraham for his friend.

All that is in the Heavens and all that is on the Earth is God's: and God encompasseth all things!

Moreover, they will consult thee in regard to women: Say: God hath instructed you about them; and His will is rehearsed to you, in the Book, concerning female orphans to whom ye give not their legal due, and whom ye refuse to marry; also with regard to weak children; and that ye deal with fairness towards orphans. Ye cannot do a good action, but verily God knoweth it.

  1. In allusion to an idolatrous and superstitious custom of the old Arabians.
  2. By the mutilation of slaves, branding their bodies, filing the teeth, etc.