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VI PREFACE , and Japan. Although, many of the letters, contained m this volume, describe beaten tracks of travel, I have always given my own individual impressions, and may claim for them the merit of entire sincerity. The journey from Aleppo to Constantinople, through the heart of Asia Minor, illustrates regions rarely traversed by tourists, and will, no doubt, be new to most of my readers. My aim, throughout the work, has been to give correct pictures of Oriental life and scenery, leav ■ ing antiquarian research and speculation to abler hands. The scholar, or the man of science, may complain with reason that I have neglected valuable opportunities for adding something to the stock of human knowledge : but it a few of the many thousands, who can only travel by their firesides, should find my pages answer the pur pose of a series of cosmoramic views — should in them behold with a clearer inward eye the hills of Pales- tine, the sun-gilded minarets of Damascus, or the lonely pine-forests of Phrygia — should feel, by turns, some- thing of the inspiration and the indolence of the Orient — I shall have achieved all I designed, and more than I can justly hope. Jew York, October, 1854.