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CONTENTS CHAPTER I. LII'E IN A SYRIAN QUARANTINE. Voyage from Alexandria to Beyrout — Landing at Quarantine— The Gusrdiano— Ou? Quarters — Our Companions — Famine and Feasting — The Morning — The Holy Man oi Timbuctoo — Sunday in Quarantine — Islamism — We are Registered — Love through & Grating— Trumpets — The Mystery Explained — Delights of Quarantine— Oriental tJa American Exaggeration — A Discussion of Politics — Our Release — Beyrout — Prepara- tions for the Pilgrimage l'( CHAPTER 11. THE COAST OF PALESTINE. The Pilgrimage Commences— The Muleteers — The Mules — The Donkey— Journey to Sidon— The Foot of Lebanon — Pictures — The Ruins of Tyre— A Wild Morning— Th«  Tyrian Surges — Climbing the Ladder of Tyi-e — Panorama of the Bay of Acre— Tht Plain of Esdraelon — Camp in a Garden — Acre — the Shore of the Bay — Haifa — Mount Carmel and its Monastery — A Deserted Coast — The Ruins of Caesarea — The Scenery of Palestine — We become Robbers— El Haram — Wrecks — the Harbor and Town of Jaffa ^ CHAPTER III. FROM JAFFA TO JERUSALEM. The Garden of Jaffa — Breakfast at a Fountain — The Plain of Sharon — The Ruifle<J Mosque of Ramleh— A Judean Landscape — The Streets of Ramleh — Am I in Palea-