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CONTENTS. ii Flowers of Galilee — The Mount of Beatitude— Magdala — Joseph's Well — ^Meeting with a Turk — The Fountain of the Salt-Works — The Upper Valley of the Jordan- Summer Scenery— The Rivers of Lebanon — Tell el-Kadi — An Arcadian Region— The Fountains of Baniaa • 108 CHAPTER YIII. CROSSING THE ANTI-LEBANON. The Harmless Guard— Caesarea Philippi— The Valley of the Druses— The Sides of Mount Hermon— An Alarm — Threading a Defile — Distant view of Djebel Hauaran — Another Alarm— Camp at Katana — We Ride into Damascus ...... 115 CHAPTER IX. PICTURES OF DAMASCUS. Damascus from the Anti-Lebanon — ^Entering the City — A Diorama of Bazaars — An Oriental Hotel — Our Chamber — The Bazaars — Pipes and Coffee — The Rivers of Damascus — Palaces of the Jews — Jewish Ladies — A Christian Gentleman — The Sacred Localities — Damascus Blades — The Sword of Haroun Al-Raschid — An Arrival from Palmyra 120 CHAPTER X. THE VISIONS OP HASHEESH . — 133 CHAPTER XI. A DISSERTATION ON BATHING AND BODIES . — 149 CHAPTER XII. BAALBEC AND LEBANON. Departure from Damascus— The Fountains of the Pharpar — Pass of tfc« Anti-Lebanon— Adventure with the Druses — The Range of Lebanon — The Demon of Hasheesh departs — Impressions of Baalbec — The Temple of the Sun — Titanic Masonry— The Ruined Mosque — Camp on Lebanon — Rascality of the Guide — The Summit of Lebanon — The Sacred Cedars— The Christians of Lebanon — An Afturnoon in Edeu — Rugged Travel— We Reach the Coast— Return tc B^yrout . ... 161