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A COisTENTS. CHAPTER XIII. PIPES AND COFFEE. — 178 CHAPTER XIY. JOURNEY TO ANTIOCH AND ALEPPO. Change of Plans — Routes to Baghdad — Asia Minor — ^We sail from Beyrout — ^Yachting on the Syrian Coast — Tartus and Latakiyeh— The Coasts of Syria — The Bay of Sue- diah — The Mouth of the Orontes — Landing — The Garden of Syria — Ride to Antioch — The Modern City — The Plains of the Orontes — Remains of the Greelc Empire — The Ancient Road — The Plain of Keftln — ^Approach to Aleppo .... 186 CHAPTER XV. LIFE IN ALEPPO. Ojt Entry into Aleppo — We are conducted to a House — Our Unexpected Welcome — The Mystery Explained— Aleppo — Its Name — Its Situation— The Trade of Aleppo — The Christians — The Revolt of I860— Present Appearance of the City— Visit to Osman Pasha — The Citadel — View from the Battlements — Society in Aleppo — Etiquette and Costume — Jewish Marriage Festivities — A Christian Marriage Procession — Ride around the Town — Nightingales — The Aleppo Button — A Hospital for Cats — Ferhat Fasha Itf6 CHAPTER XVI. THROUGH THE SYRIAN GATES. An Inauspicious Departure — The Ruined Church of St. Simon — The Plain of Antioch — A Turcoman Encampment — Climbing Akma Dagh — The Syrian Gates — Scanderoon — An American Captain— Revolt of the Koords— We take a Guard— The Field of Issua— The Robber-Chief, Kutchuk All— A Deserted Town— A Land of Gardens . . 215 CHAPTER XVII. ADANA AND TARSUS. The Black Gate — The Plain of Cilicia — A Koord Village — Missis — Ciliclan Scenery— Arrival at Adana— Three days in Quarantine— We receive Pratique— A Landscape— The Plain of Tarsus— The River Cydnus— A Vision of Cleopatra— Tarsus and its Environs —The DimiJctash — The Moon of Ramazan . ... 226