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CONTENTS. XI CHAPTER XVIII. THE PASS OP MOUNT TAURUS. "VYe enter the Taurus — Turcomans — Forest Sceuery — the Palace of Pan — Khan Mezar- luk — Morning among the Mountains — The Gorge of the Cydnus— The Crag of the Fortress— The Cilician Gate — Deserted Forts— A Sublime Landscape — The Gorge of the Sihoon — The Second Gate — Camp in the Defile — Sunrise — Journey up the Sihoon — A Change of Scenery — A Pastoral Valley — Kolii Kushla — A Deserted Khan — A Guest in Ramazan — Flowers — The Plain of Karamania — Barren Hills — The Town of Eregli — The Hadji again 236 • CHAPTER XIX. THE PLAINS OF KARAMANIA. The Plains of Karamania — Afternoon Heat — A Well — Volcanic Phenomona — Kara- mania — A Grand Ruined Khan — Moonlight Picture — A Landscape of the Plains — Mirages — A Short Interview — The Village of Ismil — Third Day on the Plains — Approach to Konia iox) CHAPTER XX. SCENES IN KONIA. Approach to Konia — Tomb of Hazi-et Mevlana — Lodgings in a Kha,n — An American Luxury — A Nighi-Scene in Ramazan — Prayers in the Mosque — Remains of the Ancient City — View from the Mosque — The Interior — A Leaning Minaret — The Diverting History of the Muleteers 256 CHAPTER XXI. THE HEART OP ASIA MINOR. Scenery of the Hills — Ladik, the Ancient Laodicea — The Plague of Gad-Flies — Camp at Hgun— A Natural Warm Bath— The Gad-Flies Again— A Summer Landscape— Ak- Sheher— The Base of Sultan Dagh— The Fountain of Midas— A Drowsy Journey— The Town of Bolawadun 265 CHAPTER XXII. THE FORESTS OP PHRYGIA. The Frontier of Phrygia — Ancient Quarries and Tombs— We Enter the Pine Forests— A Guard-House — ^Encampments of the Turcomans— Pastoral Scenery— A Summer Vil-