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CONTENTS. JClll Cannon of Constantinople— A Fiery Panorama— The Sultan's Cfilque— Close of the Celebration— A Turkish Mob — The Dancing Dervishes .... 824 CHAPTER XXYII. THE SOLEMNITIES OF BAIRAM. The Appearance of the New Moon— The Festival of Bairam— The Interior of the Seraglio— The Pomp of the Sultan's Court— Reschid Pasha— The Sultan's Dwarf- Arabian Stallions— The Imperial Guard — Appearance of the Sultan — The Inner Court — Return of the Procession — The Sultan on his Throne — The Homage of the Pashas —An Oriental Picture— Kissing the Scarf— The Shekh el-Islam— The Descendant of the Caliphs — Bairam Commences 88S CHAPTER XXVIII. THE MOSQUES OF CONSTANTINOPLE. Sqjoum at Constantinople — Semi-European Character of the City— The Mosque — ^Pro- curing a Firman — The Seraglio — The Library — The Ancient Throne-Room— Admit tance to St. Sophia — Magnificence of the Interior — The Marvellous Dome — The Mosque of Sultan Achmed— The Sulemanye— Great Conflagrations — Political Mean- ing of the Fires — Turkish Progress — Decay of the Ottoman Power . . , 848 CHAPTER XXIX. FAREWELL TO THE ORIENT — MALTA. jfimbarcation — ^Farewell to the Orient — Leaving Constantinople — A Wreck— The Dar- danelles — Homeric Scenery — Smyrna Revisited — The Grecian Isles — Voyage to Malta -detention— La Valetta— The Maltese— The Climate— A Boat for Sicily . . 855 CHAPTER XXX. THE FESTIVAL OF ST. AGATHA. Departure from Malta — The Speronara — Our Fellow-Passengers — The First Night on Board— Sicily — Scarcity of Provisions— Beating in the Calabrian Channel — The Fourth Morning — The Gulf of Catania — A Sicilian Landscape — The Anchorage — The Suspected List — The Streets of Catania — Biography of St. Agatha — The Illuminations — The Procession of the Veil — The Biscari Palace — The A.n>iquities of Catania— Thn Convent of St. Nicola ... 86a