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XIV CONTENTS. CHAPTER XXXI. THE ERUPTION OP MOUNT ETNA. The Mountain Threatens — The Signs Increase — We Leave Catania — Gardens Among the Lava — Etna Labors — Aci Reale — The Groans of Etna — The Eruption — Gigantic Tree of Smoke — Formation of the New Crater— We Lose Sight of the Mountain — ^Arrival at Messina — Etna is Obscured — Departure 875 CHAPTER XXXII. GIBRALTAR. Unwritten Links of Travel — Departure from Southampton — The Bay of Biscay — Cintra — ^Trafalgar — Gibraltar at Midnight — Landing — Search for a Palm-Tree — A Brilliant Morning— The Convexity of the Earth— Sun-Worship— The Rock ... 888 CHAPTER XXXIII. CADIZ AND SEVILLE. Voyage to Cadir — Landing — The City — Its Streets — The Women of Cadiz — Embarka- tion for Seville — Scenery of the Guadalquivir — Custom House Examination — The Guide— The Streets of SeviUe— The Giralda— The Cathedral of SevUle— The Alcazar- Moorish Architecture — Pilate's House — Morning View from the Giralda — Old Wine — Murillos— My Last Evening in Seville . . . 8dl CHAPTER XXXIV. JOURNEY IN A SPANISH DILIOENOE. Spanish Diligence Lines— Leaving Seville — An Unlucky Start — Alcali of the Bakers — Dinner at Carmona— ;A Dehesa — The Mayoral and his Team — Ecija — Night Journey — Cordova — The Cathedral-Mosque— Moorish Architecture— The Sierra Morena— A Rainy Journey — A Chapter of Accidents — ^Baylen — The Fascination of Spain — Jaen —The Vega of Granada 408 CHAPTER XXXV. GRANADA AND THE ALHAMBRA. Mateo Ximenez, the Younger— The Cathedral of Granada— A Monkish Miracle— Catholio Shrines— Military Cherub»— The Rojal Chapel— The Tombs of Ferdinand and Isa-