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Gladstonc'd candidature for the University of Oxford in IS 47, and continued on his committee at his rejection in 1865, but opposed the Irish Church Bill and his subsequent policy. Canon Trevor has written •* Christ and His Passion," 1847; " Sermons on Doctrines and Means of Grace," 1851; " Origin, Consti- tution, and Form of Proceedings in the Convocations of the two Pro- vinces of Canterbury and York," 1852; '* Types and the Anti-type," 1864; " The Story of the Cross," 1866 J and "The Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrifice and Participation of the Holy Eucharist," 1869. An enlarged edition of this work, for which he was created D.D. in America, was published in 1876 with a dedication to Dr. Hook. He has written for the Religious Tract Society, " India, an Historical Sketch," 1858; " India, its Natives and Missions; " " Russia, Ancient and Modern," 1862; "Ancient Egypt" (in reply to Baron Bun- sen); " Egypt from the Conquest of Alexander to Napoleon," 1866; " Some from the Fall of the West- em Empire," 1869. He is now engaged on the " Memorials of York."

TRINIDAD, Bishop of. (See Rawlb.)

TRISTRAM, The Rbv. Henbt Bakeb, LL.D., F.R.S., son of the late Rev. Henry Baker Tristram, vicar of Eglingham, Northumber- land, was born May 11, 1822, and educated at the Grammar School of Durham, and at Lincoln College, Oxford (B.A., 1844; M.A., 1846.) In 1845 he was ordained to the curacy of Morchard - Bishop, Devonshire, which he was obliged to resign in less than two years in consequence of ill-health. At this juncture Admiral Sir Charles Elliot was about to proceed to Bermuda as governor, and Mr. Tristram ac- companied him as Chaplain and Secretary. He resided at Bermuda three years, and then accepted in 1849 the small rectory of Castle

Eden, co. Durham. There he re- mained till 1855, when the state of his health again compelled him to seek a muder clinmte. The winter of 1855 he spent in the city and neighbourhood of Algiers, making several excursions into the northern Sahara. The second win- ter of his stay was altogether occu- pied in traversing the Saliara beyond the range of the Atlas Mountains. The third winter spent in the Mediterranean afforded him his first opportunity of visiting Palestine. On the conclusion of his tour through Palestine he returned to England, and remained here for some years, being appointed in 1860 Master of Greatham Hospital and Vicar of Greatham, co. Durham. He held that living till 1873. In 1863 he again visited the Holy Land, di- recting his attention particularly to the baflin of the Dead Sea and to the districts east of the Jordan. In 1872 he made a tour in Moab; in 1874 he was made a Canon of Dur- ham; and in 1879 the Earl of Bea- consfield offered him the bishopric of Jerusalem, which he declined. Dr. Tristram is the author of " The Great Sahara," I860; "The Land of Israel, a Journal of Travels with reference to its Physical History,** 1865, 3rd ed. revised, 1876; " The Natural History of the Bible,'* 1880; "The Ornithology of Pales- tine," 1867; " A Winter Ride in ^ Palestine," published in " Vacation Tourists," 1864; "Scenes in the East," 1870; "The Daughters of Syria," 8rd ed., 1874; " The Seven Golden Candlesticks," new ed., 1881; " Bible Places, or the Topo- graphy of the Holy Land," 1871, 8th thousand, 1878; " The Land of Moab," 2nd ed., 1874; "Pathways of Palestine," Ist series, 1881; "In- cidents in Bible History chiaelled on Ancient Monuments," 1875; and " Genesis and the Brick Sliln," 1878.

TROCHU, Louis Julxb, a French general, was born in Bretagne, March 12, 1815, and received his