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education in the MUitary Academy of St. Cyp. In 1837 he entered an artillery regiment as Lieutenant. His talents soon attracted atten- tion« and in particular that of Marshal Bugeaud^ who, in recogni- tion of his bravery displayed in the battles of Sidi-Yussuf and Isly, made him his Adjutant, and in- trusted him with most important commissions. His services, circum- spection, and bravery in the Crimean war, gained for him the rank of a General of Division. In this capacity he received a command in the Italian campaign of 1859. On the conclusion of peace he was rele- gated to the Ministry of War, and received the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. Niel had in- tended him for his successor as Minister of War, but the latter's celebrated brochure on French mili- tary affairs had drawn down upon him the displeasure of the Imperial Court. Before the war of 1870-71, General Trochu held command of the Army Division in Toulouse, which Niel and Lebceuf had held before him. In the crisis which followed the battle of Sedan, he was made Governor of Paris and Com- mander-in-Chief of all the forces destined for the defence of the capital, which he held until the city surrendered to the German hosts. In Oct., 1871, he was elected Presi- dent of the Council-General for Morbihan, but he afterwards re- signed this })ost, and he has Uved in retirement since Jan. 1873. His pamphlet on "L'Armee Fran<;aise en 1867" reached its 20th edition in 1870. In 1873 he published a work entitled "Pour la V^ritd et pour la Justice,'* in justification of the Government of the National Defence.

TEOLLOPE, The Eianr Rkv. Edwabd, D.D., P.S.A., son of the late Sir John Trollope, Bart., born AprU 15, 1817, was educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford (B.A., 1839; M.A.. 1855; D.D., honoris causd, 1877). He was pre-

sented to the Rectory of Leasing- ham, .Lincolnshire, in 1843, was collated to a Prebend in the Cathe- dral Church of Lincoln in 1801, was elected Proctor in Convocation for the diocese of Lincoln in 1866, and appointed Archdeacon of Stow and Prebendary of Liddington in 1867. Having been appointed by Royal Letters Patent to be Bishop Suffragan of the see of Nottingham in the room of Dr. Henry Macken- zie, resigned, he was consecrated in Westminster Abbey, Dec. 21, 1877. The following is a list of his works : " Illustrations of Ancient Art,'* 1854; "Life of Pope Adrian IV.," 1856; "The Captivity of John, King of France, at Somerton Cas- tle,'^ "Handbook of Lincoln," "Temple Bruer and the Templars," "Introduction of Christianity into Lincolnshire," 1857 ; " Labyrinths, Ancient and Mediaeval," "Sepul- chral Memorials," 1858; "Fens and Submarine Forests," "The Danes in Lincolnshire," " Memora- bilia of Grimsby," " The Use and Abuse of Red Bricks," "The Roman House at Apethorpe." 1859 ; " The History of Worksop," "Monastic Gatehouses," 1860 ; " Life of Here- ward the Saxon Patriot," 1861 ; " History of Anne Askewe," " Bat- tle of Bosworth Field," 1862; " Shadows of the Past," 1863 ; "The Raising of the Royal Standard at Nottingham," 1864 ; " Spilsby and other Churches," 1865 ; " Gains- borough and other Churches," "Norman Sculptures of Lincoln Cathedral," 1866 ; " Grantham and other Churches," 1867 ; *' The Ro- man Ermine Street," 1868 ; " The Norman and Early English Styles of Gothic Architecture," 1869; " Boston and other Churches," 1870 ; " Sleaford and the Wapentakes of Flaxwell and Aswardham," 1872; "Holbeach and other Churches," 1872 ; " Louth Park Abbey, Louth and other Churches," 1873 ; ac- counts of churches in the neigh- bourhood of Grantham, Newark, Southwell, Grimsby, and Stamford ; 3 Y