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and "Little St. Hugh of Lincoln/' 1880.

TEOLLOPE, Thomas Adolphus, son of the late Mr. T. A. Trollope, barrister-at-law, and of Mrs. Trol- lope, the well-known authoress^ born April 29, 1810, was educated at Winchester and at Alban Hall, Oxford. About 1840 he published two volumes on Brittany, followed by two on Western France in 1841, when he took up his residence at Florence, and he has produced a series of works connected with the history of Italy. His ** Impressions of a Wanderer in Italy'* appeared in 1850; "Girlhood of Catherine de Medici, a Tale," "A Decade o! Italian Women," and " Tuscany in lUd" in 1859; "FiUppo Strozzi : a History of the Last Days of Old Italian Liberty,^' and a volume on the celebrated Venetian Interdict, entitled " Paul the Pope and Paul the Friar," in I860; "La Beata, a Novel," in 1861 ; " Lenten Journey in Umbria and the Marches," and "Marietta, a Novel," in 1862; "Giulio Malatesta, a novel," in 1863 ; " Beppo the Conscript, a novel," and "Lindisfam Chase, a novel," in 1864; "History of the Commonwealth of Florence from the Earliest Independence of the Commune to the Fall of the Repub- lic in 1631," 4 vols., 1865 ; " Gemma, a novel," 1866; "ArtingaU Castle, a novel," 1867 ; "The Dream Num- bers, a novel," and " Leonora Caso- loni, a novel," 1868; "The Gar- stangs of Garstang Grange," IbGJ ; " Dumton Abbey," 1871 ; and " The Story of the Life of Pius IX.," 2 vols., 1877. Mr. Trollope, who married Miss Garrow, authoress of several works on Italy, and was left a widower in 1865, contracted a second marriage with a daughter of Thomas L. Teman in Oct., 1866.

TEUEO, Bishop of. See Wil- kinson.

TSENG (His Excbllenct Thb Mabquis), Envoy-Extraordinary and Minister-Plenipotentiary from China to the Courts of London,

Paris, and St. Petersburg, is the eldest son of Tseng Kwo-fan, the first Marquis, and the most distin- guished statesman who had ap- peared in China for many years. He is a native of Hunan, and is about 46 years of age. He suc- ceeded his kinsman, the well- remembered Kwo Ta- jen as Minister of China to the Courts of London and Paris in 1878, and afterwards, when the question of the retroces- sion of Kuldja threatened to produce a rupture of friendly relations be- tween Russia and China, he was also accredited to St. Petersburg. It was by him that the Treaty of St. Petersburg, replacing that of Livadia was negotiated, and in 1883 he endeavoured to come to an arrangement with France on the subject of Tonqiiin. T U A M, Bishop op. (See Bkb-


TUFNELL, Thb Eight Eev. Edwajld Wyndham, D.D., born at Bath, in 1814; proceeded from Eton to Wadham College, Oxford (B.A. 1836, M.A. 1842, D.D, 1859) ; be- came Rector of Beechingstoke, Wilts, in 1846; Prebendary of Salisbury in 1850; Rector of St. Peter and St. Paul, Marlborough, in 1858 ; and first Bishop of Bris- bane, in Queensland, in 1859. He resigned his see in 1873. He was curate in charge of the parish of Charing, near Ashford, Kent, from 1877 till 1879, when the Archbishop of Canterbury presented him to the vicarage of Croydon.

TULLOCH,Thb Rbv. John, D.D., Principal of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews, born in 1823, near Tibber- muir, Perthshire^ of which parish his father was for many years mi- nister, entered the United College of St. Salvador and St. Leonard, St. Andrews, in 1837, and after attend- ing the literary and philosophical classes, passed into the college of which he is the Principal, and studied theology. He received a licence as a preacher in the Church of Scotland, and soon afterwards