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"Earthly Paradise." Mr. Adams-Acton has executed portrait statues or busts of Mr. Gladstone (St. George's Hall, Liverpool), Lord Brougham (Reform Club and Fishmongers' Hall), Mr. Bright (Seaforth Hall), Mr. Cobden, Sir Wilfrid Lawson, George Cruikshank, John Gibson (Royal Academy), George Moore, Charles Dickens, Dr. Jobson, and John Prescott Knight, R.A.; also the following statues and busts for India:—Prince of Wales, Lord Napier of Magdala, and E. Powell (for Madras). The most important monuments executed by him are the Angel of the Resurrection, Mausoleum of Sir Titus Salt at Saltaire, Memorial to John and Charles Wesley in Westminster Abbey, the Waldegrave Memorial in Carlisle Cathedral, Charles Prest in the City Road Chapel, a bust of Mr. George Routledge, J.P., and a "half-length portrait, reading a book," of Mr. John Landseer, A.R.A. Mr. Adams-Acton was elected a member of the Society of British Artists in 1883.

ADELAIDE, Bishop of. (See Kennion, Dr.)

ADLER, The Rev. Hermann, Ph.D., M.A., son of Dr. Nathan Marcus Adler, was born in Hanover in 1839, and in 1845 accompanied his father to London. He studied at University College, London, and subsequently at the universities of Prague and Leipzig. He obtained his B.A. degree at the University of London in 1859, and that of Doctor of Philosophy at Leipzig in 1861. In 1863 Dr. Adler was appointed Principal of the Jews' College in London, and in the following year Chief Minister of the Bayswater Synagogue. He has published "Sermons on the Passages in the Bible adduced by Christian Theologians in support of their Faith," 1869, "Jews in England," "Ibn Gabirol, the Poet Philosopher;" a sermon, "Is Judaism a Missionary Faith?" in reply to Professor Max Müller; besides many lectures and articles which have appeared in various periodicals.

ADLER, Nathan Marcus, D.D., Chief Rabbi, was born at Hanover in 1803, and received his education in the universities of Göttingen, Erlangen, and Würzburg. He was appointed Chief Rabbi of Oldenberg, 1829; of Hanover and its provinces, 1830; and on the 9th of July, 1845, was installed Chief Rabbi of the United Congregations of the British Empire. Dr. Adler is the author of "Sermons on the Jewish Faith," and of several Hebrew works, the principal of which is "Nethina Lagér," a commentary on the Targum of Onkelos.

ADOLPH WILLIAM. (See Nassau, Duke of.)

ADYE, Lieutenant-General, Sir John Miller, G.C.B., son of the late Major James P. Adye, R.A., was born on Nov. 1, 1819, at Sevenoaks, Kent, received his education at the Military Academy, Woolwich, entered the Royal Artillery at the close of the year 1836, and, passing through the regular grades, eventually attained the rank of Brigadier-General. Throughout the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny he was Adjutant-General of the Royal Artillery. He also served in the Sitana Campaign of 1863–4, for which he received a medal; and he has received, besides, the Crimean, Turkish, and Indian Mutiny medals, and the 1th Class of the Medjidie. He was created a C.B. in 1855, and a K.C.B. in 1873. In Feb., 1874. the Queen granted to Sir J. M. Adye her royal licence and authority to accept and wear the insignia of Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honour conferred upon him by the President of the French Republic as a promotion from the class of Officer of the same order which he received for his services during the Crimean War. He was appointed Governor of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, in June, 1875, and in December of that year he attained the brevet rank of