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State for the Home Department in Lord Derby's second administra- Haa; on the formation of Lord Derby's third adminiBtration> in hilj, 1866, he became President of the Poor-Law Board ; and on the resignation of Mr. Walpole, in May, 1867, he was nominated Secre- taiy of State for the Home De- partment> wh^ch office he held till the resignation of the Conservative ministry in Deo. 1868. On the formation of Mr. Disraeli's adminis- tration in Feb. 1874, Mr. Hardy was nominated Secretary of State for War. In May, 1878, he was raised to tiie Hoose of Peers by the title of Visconnt Cranbrook, of Hemsted, in the county of Kent. In 1878 he sacceeded the Marquis of Salisbmy aa Secretary of State for India, and held that office imtil the Conservatives retired from office in May, 1880. In 1878 he assumed, by royal license, the additional Bomame of Gathome. He mar- ried, in 1838, Jane, daughter of Mr. James Orr, of Holywood House, CO. Down.

CRANE, WjlLTSB, painter, was bom at Liverpool Aug. 15, 1845, and educated privately. He was appointed a member c^ the Com- mittee of the General Exhibition of Water Colour Drawings in 1879, and resided that position in 1881. He was Examiner at the National Competition of Drawings, South Kensington, 1879. He was elected a member of the Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 1882. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy (a small picture, "The Lady of Shalott ") in 1862 ; and he has exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery every year from its founda- tion in 1877. His jn-incipal pictures are. — ^"The Renaissance of Venus" (1877) ; " The Fate of Persephore " (1878); "The Sirens" (1879); " Trust and the TraveUer " (1880) ; "Europa,*' "The Laidley Worm" (1881): The Boll of Pate," and ^DujurtanhoTOUgh CasUe" (1882). J© bM publiBhed " Walter Crane's

Toy Books" (1869-75); "Picture Books" (1874-5); "The Baby's Opera" (1877); "The Baby's Bouquet" (1879) ; "Mrs. Mundi at Home" (1875); Illustrations to Mrs. Molesworth's Stories ( 1876-80) ; "The First of May, a Fairy Masque" (designs to) (1881). He has designed wall papers and other decorative works, among which may be named a ceiling and fireplace in relief (gesso), at Combe Bank, the house of William Spottiswoode, Esq., P.E.S. ; also the designs for the mosaics in the Arab Hall of Sir Frederick Leighton, P.K.A.

CEAWPOED, Thomas, M.D., Director-General of the Army Medical Department, entered the Army Medio^ Service as assistant- surgeon in Feb. 1848. He was pro- moted to be full surgeon in Feb. 1855, 9urgeon-major in Feb. 1868, and was raised to the rank of deputy-inspector-general for special service in Feb. 1870. He became surgeon-general in Dec. 1876. While an assistant-surgeon with the 51st Light Infantry regiment. Dr. Crawford served in Burmah throughout the Burmese war of 1852-53, including the storming and capture of Eansoon. For this service he received the Burmah medal with the clai^ for Pegu. Dr. Crawford was subsequently gazetted to the 18th Eoyal Irish regiment, and while surgeon of this corps served in the Crimea during the Eastern campaign from Feb. 1855^ to the ■ fall of Sebastopol. He re- ceived the Crimean medal and clasp of Sebastopol, together with the Turkish medal, for this service. He was subsequentiy selected for the position of head of the medical branch in the director-general's office in London, and held this ap- pointment for several years during Sir Galbraith Logan's rule of the department. At the conclusion of this service Dr. Crawford proceeded to India and fulfilled the duties of superintending-surgeon of the Sir- hind circle in Bengal. Having