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African brethren. He was conse- crated first Bishop of Niger Terri- tory, West Africa, June 29, 1864. In May, 1880, the council of the Boyal Geographical Society awarded a gold watch to Bishop Crowther " in recognition of the serrices he has rendered to geography."

CUDLIP, Mas. Annik Hall, was born on Oct. 25, 1838, at Aid- borough, in Suffolk, where her father. Lieutenant George Thomas, held the position of officer in charge of a coast-guard station — at that time the position of a gentle- man. The family afterwaras re- moved to Morston, in Norfolk, where Lieutenant Thomas served until the year before his death in Greenwich Hospital. Miss Annie Thomas was married in 1867 to the Bev. Pender Hodge Cudlip. Her first novel, "The Cross of Honour, appeared in 1863, and was followed by "Sir Victor's Choice," 1864; "Denis Donne," 1864; "A Dangerous Secret: The House in Picc^iiDy: Philip Mor- ton ;" three tales in 2 vols., 1864 ; "Barry O'Byme," 1865; "Theo Leigh," 1865; "On Guard," 1866; "Played Out," 1866; "Walter Goring," 1866; "Called to Ac- count,^' 1867; "A Noble Aim," 1868; "High Stakes," 1868; "The Dower House," 1868 ; " Only Her- self," 1869; "False Colours," 1869 ; "The Dream and the Wak- ing," 1870 ; " A Passion in Tatters," 1872 ; " The Two Widows," 1873 ; " He ccMueth not, she said," 1873 ; "No Alternative," 1874; "A Nar- row Escape," 1875; "The Maske- lynes," 1875; "Blotted Out," 1876 ; " A Laggard in Love," 1877 ; " Mrs. Cardigin ?" 1879 ; " A Lon- don Season," 1879; " Stray Sheep," 1879; "Fashion's Gay Mart," 1880 ; " County People," 1880 ; " So- ciety's Verdict," 1880; "Eyre of Blendon," 1881 ; " Our Sex," 1881 ; and " Allerton Towers," 1882.

CXJLLUM, Geoboe Washing- ton, born in New York, Feb. 25, 1812, graduated from the Military

Academy at West Point in 1838, and was engaged for the next twenty- eight years in engineering labours and in instructing at West Point on practical military engineering. During the civil war he was Chief of Staff to the General-in-Chief from Nov., 1861, to Sept., 1864, and Superintendent of the Military Aoidemy, West Point, from Sept., 1864, to Aug., 1866. From that time he was a member of the Board of Engineers for Fortifications, until he was placed on the retired list in 1874. At the time of his retirement he was Colonel and brevet Major-General in the regular army. Besides numerous militaiy memoirs and reports, he has pub- li^ed " Military Bridges with India - rubber Pontoons," 1849 ; "Register of Officers and Gradu- ates of the U.S. Military Academy from 1802 to 1850," 1850 ; a trans- lation of Duparc's " Elements ol Military Art and History, with Notes, &c.," 1863; "Systems of MiHtiury Bridges," 1863; a "Bio- graphical Bolster of the Officers and Graduate of the U.S. Military Academy," 1868 (revised edition, 1879) J " Campaigns of the War <rf 1812 criticised," 1880 ; and conisn- buted a number of articles to Johnson's "Universal Cydopa&dia" (1874-77).

CUNNINGHAM, Majob-Genb- BAL Alexander, C.S.I., of the Bengal Engineers, second son of Allan Cunningham, and brother to the late Captain J. D. Cunningham, author of the " History of the Sikhs," to Peter Cunningham, and to Colonel Francis Cunningham, was born in John Street, Westmin- ster, Jan. 23, 1814, and educated st Christ's Hospital, and sA, the Mili- tary College, Addiscombe. He was appointed 2nd Lieutenant of En- gineers in 1831 ; Aide-de-camp to the Gk>vemor-General of India in 1834; sent specially to Cashmere in 1839 ; Engineer to the King of Oudh in 1840 ; head of a mission to Thibet, &c., in 1846; Chief En-