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rorahip (Jan. 22, 1872), in m to Dr. Von Miihler. in Dr. Falk has succeeded g various repressive laws against the hierarchy and J, and his name has thiu mown beyond the limits of lan Empire. He resigned of Minister of Public Wor-

14, 1879, and was succeeded von Puttkamer. CENSTEIN, Edward (TON, a German general, I. 5, 1797, in Silesia, was

for the clerical vocation, 13 he entered as a volunteer ito the West Prussian )r regiment, and before ination of the year became eutenant of his regiment, ich he took part in the 1 of 1813, and particularly battles of Grossgdrschen,

Katzbach, Bischof swerde, zaplitz. In the campaign le led, as junior lieutenant, lion out of the fight in the

Montmirail, where all the Leers were wounded, and , in recognition of his con- I Iron Cross. He moreover

, during this campaign, in

le of ChAteau Thierry, in ^ade of Thionville, and in rs at Mercy and Laon, and

the Prussian Order of

ge of the fifth class. In

ipaign of 1815 he took

the Emperor Francis's

)T Guards regiment, and

into Paris. In 1821 he First Lieutenant, and was to the Typographical where he continued until >f 1824. In 1829 he became and chief of a company, in kjor, then Commandant of Dined reserve battalion of

  • ds, and afterwards of the

ttalion of the Emperor } Grenadier Guards regi-

which character he led his L against the insurgents he <£iys of the Berlin revo-

1848. On March 18, 1848,

he was wounded in a street £ He had scarcely recovered whe entered on the campaign in Scl wig-Holstein, taking part pari larly in the affair of Schleswig which he received the Order of Bed Eagle (third-class with swo: In 1849 he became Lieutec Colonel ; in 1850, Chief of the G ral Staff of the Third Army-Co in 1851, Colonel ; in 1855, ( mander of the 5th Infantry Brig and later of the 3rd Guards Brig and in 1855, Major-General. 1856 he was placed at the disj of the Government as Direct! the Department of Military nomy. . Having become, in 1 Lieutenant-General and Comma of the Fifth Division, and l&U the Second Division of the Inf a Guards, he was ordered, in ] 1863, as Chief of the General S to the command of the troop Holstein, in which capacity he part in the campaign in Schle and Jutland, particularly in battles of Fredericia and Du] He also received the supreme ( mand over the two Prussian ] sions then in Juthvnd, and the : of Military Governor of Jiitl His services were rewarded bj Order pour le Merite. After peace he undertook the commai the Seventh (Westphalian) A Corps, and attained, on June 1865, to the grade of a Genert Infantry. In 1866, on the outb of the war with Austria, Vogel Falkenstein was nominated to command of the so-called 1 army, with which he mar rapidly into Hanover, took po sion of the whole country, and a division under General von B against Cassel, of which he possession, and barred the wa the march of the Hanoverian i southwards, so as to effect a jun( with the South-German tr< After the Hanoverian army capitulated at Langensalza, \ von Falkenstein hastened witl main army vid Fulda and thr^