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y, Ctbus "VVbst, born at Ige^ Massachusetts^ Not. After an education in e town, he entered a count- 3 in New York, and became

years the proprietor of a mercantile establishment, from business in 1853 he

for a while in South and on his return in 1854 1 to turn his attention to ect of Ocean telegraphs, instrumental in procuring p from the legislature of dland to establish a tele- im the continent of America olony, and thence to Eu- OT the next thirteen years ed himself exclusively to ition of this tmdertalang.

actively engaged in the ion of the land line of I in Newfoundland, and in attempts to lay the sub- kble between Cape Ray and !ton. He accompanied the ns of 1857 and 1858 fitted ay the cable under the between this country and dland. He took a promi- rt in the expeditions of

1866 ; the complete suc- the last-mentioned year

a great measure, due to Lons, in the course of which rossed the Atlantic more r times. He received the IS thanks of Congress, with edal, in commemoration of essful enterprise, and at 3 Exposition he received d medal. Since 1877 he I prominently connected elevated railways in New f, and has been President the companies. ►, Tkb Ebv. Frbderick, ■n in London in 1801, was at Christ's Hospital, and ty College, Cambridge, \ graduated B.A. in 1823, Wrangler, was Chancellor's , and Tyjrwhitt's Hebrew and in 1824 was elected I his college. He edited

the Greek text of St. Chrysostom's Homilies on St. Matthew, with various readings and notes, pub- lished in 1839 ; the same Father's •* Interpretation of the Pauline Epistles," on a similar plan, in 7 volumes, 8vo, forming part of the " BibliothecaPatrum," in 1845- 62 ; and the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, according to the Alexandrian codex, published at the Oxford University Press. This latter work was revised and re- arranged for the Foreign Transla- tion Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. In 1842 Mr. Field was presented by his college to the rectory of Eeepham, Norfolk, which he re- signed in 1863. He has since edited Origen's Hexapla (for the delegates of the Clarendon Press), 2 vols. 4to, 1867-75. Mr. Field is a member of the "Old Testament Revision Company."

FIELD, Hbnet Mabttn, D.D., brother of Cyrus West Field, born at Stockbridge, Massachusetts, April 3, 1822. He graduated at Williams College in 1838, studied theology, and in 1842 became pastor of a Presbyterian church in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1847 he resigned his charge, and visited Europe, where he remained two years. Returning to America he was, in 1851, pastor of a church at West Springfield, Massachusetts, and in 185 i he be- came one of the proprietors and editors of The Evangelist, a religious newspaper published in New York, of which he is now the sole pro- ' prietor. In 1858 he made another European tour, which he has de- scribed in " Summer Pictures from Copenhagen to Venice." In 1867 he again came to Europe to visit the Paris Exposition, and as dele- gate to the Free Church of Scot- land and the Presbyterian Church of Ireland. In 1877 he made a tour around the world. He has published, " The Good and the Bad in the Roman Catholic Church," 1848 ; " The Irish Confederates, a