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History of the Rebellion of 1798," 1851 ; " History of the Atlantic Telegraph/' 1866 ; " From the Lakes of Killamey to the Golden Horn," 1876 ; and " From Egypt to Japan," 1878.

FIELD, The Rbv. John, M.A., was born at Wallingford, Berk- shire, in 1812, and educated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1834, and M.A. in 1837. He was appointed to the Curacy of St. Clement's, Worcester, in 1835 ; to the Curacy of Chipping Norton, in 1839 j to the Chaplaancy of the Berkshire Gaol in 1840 j and to the Rectory of West Rounton, Yorkshire, in 1857. Mr. Field is a Justice of the Peace for the North Riding (185^), and Chairman of the Visiting Justices of the North Riding prisons. He was one of the earliest and most earnest advo- cates for establishing Reformatory schools, and the separate system of imprisonment. To promote these objects he gave much evidence before committees of both Houses of Parliament, and his published works have been numerous. He is the author of ** Prison Discipline," 2 vols., 1848 ; " The Life of John Howard," 1850 ; " University and other Sermons," 1853 ; " Convict Discipline," 1855 ; " Correspond- ence of John Howard," 1856 j "Re- marks on the Lord's Prayer," 1857 j several pamphlets and sermons ; some publications issued by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ; and papers in the Transactions of the Social Science Association.

FIELD, Stephen Johnson, LL.D., brother of Cyrus West Field and of Dr. Henry Martyn Field, bom at Haddam, Connecticut, Nov. 4, 1816; A.B. (WilUams Col- lege), 1837. He studied law, and entered into practice with his bro- ther, David Dudley Field, in New York. In 1849 he went to Cali- fornia, where, after holding various legislative positions, he was in 1857 chosen a Judge of the Supreme

Court of the State, of which, i 1859, he became Chief Justice. 1 1863 he was appointed by Preside] Lincoln an Associate Justice of tl Supreme Court of the United State In 1873 he was nominated by tl Governor of California one of commission to examine the code laws of the state, and to prepa amendments to it for the action < the legislature. In 1877 he was oi of the fifteen members of the Coi] mission appointed by Congress decide upon the coimting of tl electoral vote for President, i was one of the seven members wl voted that the disputed votes shoul be cast for Mr. Tilden, the othi eight voting for Mr. Hayes, wl was accordingly declared d.ected. FIELD, The Hon. Sib Willla Venteis, eldest son of Mr. Thonu Flint Field, of Fielden, Bedfor shire, was born in 1813. He w; educated at Burton Grammar atii<K in Somersetshire, and was at fir articled to Messrs. Terrell, Barto and Smale, solicitors, of Exete but was afterwards with Messi Price and Bolton, of Lincoln's In: He practised in that branch of tl profession in London from 1840 1843, as one of the firm of Thom; son, Debenham, and Field, of Sa ters* Hall Court; but from 18-4 having entered himself as a mei ber of the Inner Temple, and readii in the chambers of Mr. T. Kingdo of the Western circuit, he prepar< for the bar. He began in 1847 practise under the bar as a speci pleader. In 1850 he was called the bar, and joined the Wester circuit. This he afterwards e changed for the Midland, where ] gained a large practice, as well in London, both in commerci cases at Guildhall and before tl Privy Council. In 1864 Mr. Fie was appointed a Queen's Coun» and was elected a bencher of t Inner Temple. He became lead of the Midland circuit, besid practising largely before the Ju< cial Committee and Railway Co: