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citor-General for Ireland in Feb.^ 1855. Subsequently he became Attorney-General for Ireland — ^an office which he held from 1856 to Feb.^ 1858, and again from 1859 to 1860, in which year he was appointed a Judge of the Queen's Bench in Ireland. He was selected to act on almost all the special commissions, including those for the trial of the Fenian prisoners at Dublin in 1865-6, at Cork in 1866, and again at Dublin in 1867-8. In January, 1881, he presided at the State trials which took place in Dublin. In May, 1882, he was made a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, with the dignity of a baron for life. The vacancy arose under the proyisions of the Appellate Jurisdiction Acts of 1876, two vacancies having occurred since the passing of that Act among the paid members of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, by the death of Sir James Colvile and the resignation of Sir Montague Smith. Lord Fitzgerald is LL.D. of Trinity College, Dublin, a Commissioner of National Education in Ireland, a Visitor of the Queen's Colleges, and a member of the Irish Privy Council. He married, first, in 1846, Bose, second daughter of the late Mr. John Donohoe, of Dublin ; and, secondly, in 1860, the Hon. Jane Southwell, sister of the fourth Viscount Southwell.

FITZGERALD, Peect Hbth- BiNQTON, M.A., F.S.A., son of the late Thomas Fitzgerald, M.P., born in 1834, at Fane Valley, co. Louth, Ireland; was educated at Stony- hurst College, Lancashire, and at Jrinity College, Dublin, after which he was called to the Irish bar, and appointed a Crown Prose- cutor on the North-Eastem circuit. He is the author of many works of fiction, the following of which originally appeared in All the Year Bound.— "Never Forgotten," "The Second Mrs. TUlotson," " The Dear Girl," " Fatal Zero," " The Doctor's Mixture," "The Bridge of Sighs,"

and "The Middle Aged Lover;" also of " Bella Donna," " Mildring- ton the Barrister," *' Seventy-five, Brook Street," "Beauty Talbot,'^ "Jenny Bell," "Polly;" "The Sword of Damocles," in Once a Week; "Rev. Alfred Hoblush;" "The Woman with the Yellow Hair " (stories for Household Words); "The Night Mail;" "Diana Gay;" "Fairy Alice;" "The Life of Sterne," 2 vols.; " Life of Garrick," 2 vols. ; " Charles Townshend ; " " A Famous Forgery," being the life of Dr. Dodd; "Charles Lamb;" "Prin- ciples of Comedy ; " " Le Sport at Baden ; " " Proverbs and Come- diettas." 1869; "School Davs at Saxonhurst ; " " Autobiography of a Small Boy ; " " Pictures of School Life and Boyhood ; " " Story of my Uncle Toby " (Bayard series) ; "The Kembles," 2 vols., 1871; " Life and Adventures of Alexander Dumas;" "The Eomance of the English Stage;" an edition of " Boswell's Life of Johnson," in 3 vols. ; " Travels of Young Coelebs," 3 vols.; "Life of George IV.," 2 vols. ; '* Boswell and Croker's Bos- well," 1 vol.; "Recreations of a Literary Man," 2 vols.; "The World Behind the Scenes," 1 vol. ; "A New History of the English Stage," 2 vols., 1882 ; " The Eoyal Dukes and Princesses of the Family of George III.," 2 vols., 1882 ; and "Bangs and Queens of an Hour: Becords of Love, Bomance, Oddity, and Adventure," 2 vols., 1883.

FITZGERALD, The Bight Rev. William, D.D., Bishop of KiUaloe, Kilfenora, Clonfert, and .Kilmac- duagh, son of Maurice Fitzgerald, M.D., born in Ireland, Dec. 3, 1814, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated B.A. in 1837, and of which he became a Fellow. In 1840 he endeavoured to break a lance with the writers of " The Tracts for the Time*" The late Archbishop Whately a}^)recia- ting his merits, transferred him from the curacy of Clontarf to the