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of Donoughmore^ co. Wick-

thence to the vicarage of \*s, Dublin, and the arch- r of Kildare. In 1848 he ointed Professor of Moral hy in Trinity College ; and Professor of Ecclesiastical

Dr. Fitzgerald is known nd as the editor of " Con- Ethics," and of " Butler's /' as one of the writers in lop Whately's "Cautions Times," and of one of the to " Essays and Reviews."

joint editor (with Dr. kuser) of the Irish Church and has published several and charges. In 1859 he d Lord Wodehouse's bill Jizing marriage with a , wife's sister. He was con- to the see of Cork in 1857, B translated to that of

Kilfenora, Clonfert, and uagh in 1862.

tERALD, The Right Hon. LLiAU Robert Seymour G.C.S.I., born in 1817, id his education at Oriel Oxford, where he gradu- x>nd class in classics in ined the Newdigate prize became M.A. in 1844, and

the honorary degpree of a 1863. Having adopted 1 profession, he was csdled ar at Lincoln's Inn in Jan., I went the Northern circuit, general election in Au^ ., 5 offered himself for ttie of Horsham, and although successful, he gained i^e Fune, 1848, holding it only w months, as he was un- n petition. In 1854 he was d for that borough without m, and retained his -seat B general election in July, ten he was beaten by five On the accession of the Derby to oflace, in 1859, mour Fitzgerald was ap- Tnder-Secretary for Foreign md discharged the duties [)ost with singular ability.

After the retirement of Lord Derby's second administration, Mr. Seymour Fitzgerald took a promi- nent position amongst the oppo- sition debaters. He was apjwinted Governor of Bombay in 1866, made a Privy Councillor Dec. 28, 1866, and left England for India in Feb.

1867. In the same year he was nominated Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of India. He resigned the Governorship of Bombay in March, 1872, and at the general election of Feb., 1874, re-entered Parliament as M.P. for Horsham. He resigned his seat in Nov., 1875, when he was appointed Chief Charity Commissioner for England and Wales in the room of the late Sir James Hill.

FITZMAURICE, Lord Edmund George Petty, M.P., second son of the fourth Marquis of Lans- downe, by his second wife, Emily, eldest daughter of the Comte de Flahaulte, was born in London in 18^, and educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he gained a scholarship and a prize for an English Essay, and gradu- ated, as a first-class in classics, in

1868. In December of the last- named year he entered the House of Commons as member for Calne, which he still continues to repre- sent in the Liberal interest. He was appointed Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs in Dec. .1882, in succession to Sir Charles Dilke, who had been advanced to the Presidency of the Local Govern- ment Board.

FITZPATRICK, William John, son of John Fitzpatrick, Esq., of Dublin and Griffinrath, co. Kildare, bom Aug. 31, 1830, was educated first at a Protestant school, and afterwards at the Roman Catholic College of Clongowes Wood. He is a Magistrate and Grand Juror for the counties of Dublin and Longford, is the author of " The Life, Times, and Correspondence of Bishop Doyle," 2 vols., lately reprinted with much additional correspon-