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one occasion nearly caused a riot. On his return^ he resumed his occu- pation of propagandizing his par- ticular views in Italy, in the service of the national cause, and was present with Garibaldi at Palermo during the expedition of 1860. Since then he has several times visited England. At present he is residing at Bome.

GEDEN, The Rev. John Dubt, bom at Hastings, May 4, 1822, was educated at Kingswood School, near Bristol ; entei^&d the Wesleyan ministry in 1846 ; from 1846 to 1851 was Assistant Tutor in the Wesleyan Theological College, Eiehmond, Surrey; and in 1856 was appointed Professor of Hebrew and Classics in the Wesleyan Theo- logical College, Didsbury, near Manchester, which office he still holds. In 1870 Mr. Geden be- came a member of the Old Testa- ment Company for the Eevision of the Bible. He has written " The Doctrine of a Future Life as con- tained in the Old Testament Scrip- tures," and *' Didsbury Sermons."

GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD, F.E.S., bom in Edinburgh in 1835, and educated at the High School and the University, was appointed to the Geological Survey in 1855. He is a Fellow of the Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, of the Geological Society of London, &c. ; is the author of various geological memoirs in the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, in the Tran- sactions of the Royal Society of Edin- burgh, in " Memoirs of the Geological Survey," in the Quarterly and North British Review, in Nature, Ac. ; of "The Story of a Boulder," 1858; "The Life of Professor Edward Forbes " (conjointly with the late Dr. George Wilson), 1861; "The Phenomena of the Glacial Drift of Scotland," 1863; "The Scenery of Scotland viewed in connection with its Physical Geology," 1865 ; " A Student's Manual of G^eology " (in conjimction with the late J. B. Jukes, 1871), and " Physical Geo-

graphy," " Geology," in "Science Primers," 1874; '• moir of Sir Roderick I. Mu son J with Notices of his Sciei Contemporaries, and of the and Prog^ress of Palaeozoic Gee in Britain," 2 vols., 1874 ; "G gical Map of Scotland," 1 " Claas-Book of Physical graphy,V 1877; "Outlines of F Geology,"1879;"GeologicalSket at Home and Abroad," 1 and "A Text-book of Geolo 1882. Mr. G^ikie was assod with Sir Roderick Murchisoi working out the true geolo] structure of the Scottish Highly in the preparation of a Memo \ that distnct, and of a new G< gical Map of Scotland, both fished in 1861. On the extei of the Geolo^cal Survey, in ] he was api>omted Director of Survey of Scotland; and in ] 1870, he was nominated by Roderick Murchison as first o pant of the new chair of Mi alogy and Geology founded in University of Edinburgh by Roderick and the Crown. University of St. Andrews ferred on him the degfree of L! in Feb., 1872. On the resigrna of Sir Andrew Ramsay he wa the close of 1881, appointed Dire< General of the Geological Su of the United Kingdom, Director of the Musexmi of I tical Geology, London.


German geologist, born at AJ burg, Oct. 16, 1814, first stu pharmacy in his native town, in 1834 entered the Universil Berlin. In 1837 he was ere Doctor of Philosophy by the 1 versity of Jena, and the next ; he became Assistant Professo: Chemistry and Natural Philosc in the Technical Institute of I den, which was converted i afterwards into a Polytec School. In 1850 he was appoi] Professor of Mineralogfy and < logy in that institution. I