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in St. Paul's Cathedral ; and in July the same year the Queen appointed him Suffragan Bishop of Bedford. He is the author of several works of a theological and practical character, including " Plain Words/' four series ; " Prac- tical Sermons," " Lent Lectures on Psalm li.," " Daily Family Prayer for Churchmen," *' Pastor in Paro- chiA," " Plain Words to Children," " The Parish Priest, *' Three All Saints' Summers," a *' Commentary on the Pour Gospels," and " Holy Conmiunion," published by the Society for Pn)moting Christian Knowledge.

HOWARD, His Eminbncb Eb- WABD, Cardinal Priest of the Holy Roman Church, was born at No^ tingham, Feb. 13, 1829, being the only son of the late Edward Gyles Howard, Esq., who was the son of Edward Charles Howard, youngest brother of Bernard Edward, fif- teenth Duke of Norfolk. In his youth he served her Majesty Queen V ictoria as an officer in the 2nd Life Guards, but when 26 years old he was a priest at Rome, and he at- tached himself entirely to the ser- vice of Pius IX. For about a year he was employed in India in the matter of the Goa schism, and the rest of his ecclesiastical career was spent in Italy. His graceful and dignified beaiing was familiar to frequenters of St. Peter's, in which Basilica Archbishop Howard holds the office of arch-priest's vicar. He was consecrated Archbishop of Neocsesaria, in partibus infidelium, in 1872, when he was made coadju- tor Bishop of Frascati, an office which he held for only a few weeks. He was created a Cardinal Priest by Pope Pius IX. March 12, 1877, the titular church assigned to him being that of SS. Jolm and Paul, on the Celian Hill. His Eminence took possession, as Protector, of the English College at Rome, March 24, 1878. In Dec. 1881, he was no- minated Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Peter's, and in that capacity

he also became Prefect of the Con- gregation, which has the care of the edifice itself . Cardinal Howard's attainments as a linguist are beyond the common. He speaks Arabic, Armenian, and Russian fluently.

HOWARD, Sib Henry Francis, G.C.B., second son of the late Henry Howard, Esq., of Corby Castle, Cumberland, born in 1809, educated at Stonyhurst and the University of Edinburgh, was at- tached to the mission at Munich in 1828, was several times Charg^ d' Affaires, was appointed paid At- tach^ at Berlin in 1882, Secretary of Legation at the Hague in 1846, having been transferred to Berlin in 18&, and was Charg^ d' Affaires several times during the succeeding years. He was appointed Envoy- Extraordinary and Minister-Pleni- potentiary to the Emperor of Brazil in 1853, was transfeired to Lisbon in 1855, and to Hanover in 1859, when he was appointed Minister- Plenipotentiary to Brunswick and to Oldenburg, and was made a K.C.B. in 1868. Whilst at Berlin, in 1850-52, the task of negotiating the famous treaty of 1852 mainly devolved upon him. He was ap- pointed Envoy-Extraordinary and Minister - Plenipotentiary to the King of Bavaria, Jan. 19, 1866. He was created a G.C.B. in 1872.

HOWARD, General Ouveb Otis, LL.D., born at Leeds, Maine, Nov. 8, 1830. He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1850, and in 1854 at the Militaiy Academy at West Point, where, in 1857, he was made Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics. Upon the breaking out <^ the civil war he was made colonel of a regiment of volunteers ; com- manded a brigade at the battle of Bull Run, and was made brigadier- general of volimteers. He lost his right arm at the battle of Fair Oaks, S&y 31, 1862. He was made major- general of volunteers, Nov. 29, 1862, and had the command of a division, at Bumside's defeat at Fredericks- burg, Dec. 13, 1862. Soon after, he