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edition of the king's translation of " Hamlet" was issued in 1880. The first edition was limited to 1,000 copies, which his Majesty distri- buted among his friends. Some unscrupulous publisher in Rio de Janeiro, however, struck off a cheap edition, which met with a very re- munerative sale in the Brazilian capital. His Majesty, to prevent a repetition of this conduct, made a present of the copyright of the new edition of "Hamlet," and of his future translations of Shakspere, to one of the charitable asylums of Lisbon.

LOUIS II. (Otho Fredebick William), King of Bavaria, born at Nymphenburg, Aug. 25, 1845, succeeded to the thi^one on the death of his father, Maximilian Joseph II. in the early part of 1864. At the commencement of his reign he took scarcely any part in the management of the affairs of his country, which was so dangerously complicated by the rivalry between Austria and Prussia. After the battle of Koniggratz, a treaty of alliance was entered into by Prussia and Bavaria^ in consequence of which the latter power joined Prussia in the invasion of France. After- wards the Bavarian Government became conspicuous in Europe by its opposition to the Ultramontane party, and its encouragement of Dr. Ddllinger, and the so-called "Old Catholics.'* Kin^ Louis is passionately fond of music, and was a zealous partisan and munificent patron of Bichard Wagner.

LOUIS rV. (Frederick William Louis Charles), K.G., Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt, eldest son of Prince Charles WiUiam Louis of Hesse-Darmstadt, by a cousin of the King of Prussia, born Sept. 12, 1837, is a captain in the 1st regi- ment of the Prussian Guard, and colonel of a regiment of hussars. He married the Princess Alice, second daughter of Queen Victoria, July 1, 1862, when an allowance of ^0,000 a year was settled on the

bride-elect, together with je80,000 as a dowry. The Queen granted him the prefix of " His Royid High- ness," and created him a Knight of the Gkirter. This is not the first matrimonial connection contracted between the present reigning family of England and the house of Hesse, an aunt of Queen Victoria, the Prin- cess Elizabeth, daughter of George III., having married the Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg. His Boyal Highness succeeded to the Grand- Di:&edom on the death of his uncle, Louis III., June 13, 1877, and was left a widower on Dec. 14, 1878. The Grand Duke has seven children : — (1) Victoria Elizabeth Mathilde Al- berte Marie, born at Windsor, April 5, 1863; (2) Elizabeth Alexandra Louise Alice, born at Bessungen, Nov. 1, 1864 ; (3) Ir^ne Marie Louise Anna, born at Darmstadt, July 11, 1866 ; (4) Emest Louis Charles Al- bert, born Nov. 25, 1868 ; (5) Frie- drich Wilhelm August Victor Leo- pold Ludwig, born Oct. 7, 1870, accidentally killed. May 29, 1873 j (6) Victoria Alice Helena Louise, bom June 5, 1872; and (7) Marie Victoria Feodore Leopoldine, born May 24, 1874, died Nov. 15, 1878.

LOVELL, John, bora Nov. 20, 1835, at Famham, Surrey, and edu- cated at a private school, began his journalistic career in 1856, at the small town of Guildford, in Surrey. Thence he went to the North, where be became connected with several of the leading provincial journals, and at the same time contributed to the periodical literature of the day. He was appointed editor of CasselVs Maganne, in succession to Mr. Moy Thomas, in 1868, but re- linquished that post in 1869 to take the management of the Press Association. Having successfully launched and carried on this under- taking, he in 1880 retired to take the editorship in chief and general management of the Liverpool Mer- cury. In addition to contributing largely to periodical literature, Mr. Lovell has translated and edited