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ant and responsible post of Inspec- tor-General of Volunteer Forces for the term of five years ; towards the eiqpiration of which, the most active and influential promoters of the movement took immediate steps to mark their high appreciation of his zealous and valuable services in the organization of the force, by appointing a committee to raise a subscription for the purpose of pre- senting him on his retirement with a suitable testimonial of their re- spect and regard. In Feb., 1865, the honorary colonelcies of the Inns of Court Volunteers and of the En- gineer and Railway Volunteer Staff Corps were accepted by him.

MACRORIE, The Right Rbv. William Kenneth, D.D., Bishop of Pieter-Maritzburg, born about 1831, received his education at Brasenose College, Oxford (B.A. 1852), and was appointed perpetual curate of Aocrington, Lancashire, which preferment he held until his consecration to the bishopric of Maritzburg, or Pieter-Maritzburg, Jan. 25, 1869. The ceremony was performed at Capetown, the conse- crating prelate being the metropo- litan. Dr. Robert Gray. A protest signed by 129 persons having been presented against Dr. Macrorie's consecration, the metropolitan re- plied that it could not be accepted as a protest, the signers having no right to protest, but that he would receive it as " the expression of views of certain individuals."

MACWHIRTER, John, A.R.A., was born in 1839, at Slateford, near Edinburgh, and educated at Peebles. He was elected an Asso- ciate of the Royal Scottish Aca- demy in 1863. In the following year he came to London, and was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy on Jan. 22, 1879. He was elected an Honorary Member of the Eoyal Scottish Academy in 1882. Mr. MacWhirter has painted " Loch Comisk, Skye," 1867 j " A great while ago the world began with hey ho, the wind and the rain," 1871;

"Caledonia," 1875; "The Lady of the Woods," 1876; "The Three Graces," 1878; "The VaUey by the Sea," 1879; "The Lord of the Glen," 1880 ; " Sunday in the High- lands " and " Mountain Tops," 1881 ; A Highland Auction" and "Os- sian's Grave," 1882; "Corrie, Isle of Arran," "Sunset Fires," "Na- ture's Mirror," and "A Highland Harvest," 1883.

MADAGASCAR, Bishop OF. (See CobnishJ


M.R.I.A., born in 1798, is a son of the late Mr. Edward Madden, mer- chant, of Dublin. He is a Fellow of the Royal Coll^ of Surgeons of England, of which he has been a member since 1829. Since 1833 he has been in the civil servioe of the Government in several important offices, especially those connected with the suppression of the slave trade, in which his services hare been commended by Clarkson> Bux- ton, SturKe, and Stephen. He was appointed to the office of Special Mag^trate in Jamaica in 1833, to that of Superintendent of Liberated Africans at the Havana in 1835, and in 1836 to that of Acting Commis- sioner of Arbitration in the Mixed Coxirt of Justice in the Havana, where he remained till 1839. He was appointed Commissioner of In- quiry on the West Coast of Africa on the Slave Trade, &c., in 1840> and Colonial Secretary of Western Australia in 1847. He has filled the office of Secretary to the Loan- Fund Board, Dublin Castle, since 1850. He is a Member of the Royal Irish Academy, and of the Soc. of Med. Sciences of Lisbon. He is the author of " Travels in Turkey, E^rpt, &c.," published in 1829; "The Mussulman," in 1830; "The Infirmities of Genius," in 1833; "Travels in the West Indies," in 1838 and 1840; "Egypt and Ma- hommed Ali, and Condition of his Slaves and Subjects," 1841; "Con- nection of the Kingdom of Ireland with the Crown of England," 1845 i