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curacy of Sonning, Berkshire, under the Bev. Hugh Peai-son. On the elevation of Dr. Tait to the see of London, at the close of that yeai*, Mr. Parry became his domestic chaplain, residing and working with his lordship for nearly three years. In the ten years which fol- lowed, from 1859 to 1869, he held the rectory of Acton, Middlesex, and took an active part in all Lon- don diocesan matters. He was also rural dean of Ealing from 1863 to 1869, when he was appointed Archdeacon and Canon of Canter- bury. In 1870 he was appointed Bishop Suffragan of Dover, for the province of Canterbury, being con- secrated in the chapel of Lambeth Palace on March 25, under letters patent from the Queen and a com- mission from the Primate. It is worthy of note that he was the first Suffragan Bishop consecrated in the Anglican Church for 300 years. In 1882 he was elected by the Australian bishops to the Bishopric of Sydney, as Metropoli- tan of Australia and Tasmania, but he declined the nomination. Bishop Parry has written memoirs of his father, a work which has passed through several editions ; and " Memorials of (his brother) Com- mander Charles Parry, E.N.," 1870. PARSONS, Theophilus, LL.D., bom at Newburyport, Massachu- setts, May 17, 1797. He graduated at Harvard College in 1815, and after travelling in Europe, studied law and practised in Boston until 1848, when he became Professor of Law in Harvard College. He re- signed this i)08ition in 1870. He was a frequent contributor to the North American Review and other periodicals ; and was editor of the United States Literary Gazette. He has published several legal works of high character. Among these are: •* Treatise on the Law of Contracts," 1853, 5th ed. 1864 ;

  • ' Elements of Mercantile Law/'

1866 ; - The Laws of Business," 1867; "Treatise on Maritime Law,"

1859; "Memoir of Chief Justice Parsons," his father, 1859 ; " Trea- tise on the Law of Promissory Notes," 1863 ; " Laws of Partner- ship," 1867 ; " Deus Homo," 1869 ; "Treatise on Marine Insurance," 1868 ; " Legal Text-Book for Busi- ness Men," 1869; "The Infinite and the Finite," 1872 ; " The Eights of a Citizen of the United States," 1875 ; "The Mystery of Life." 1879. He is a member of the " New Jeru- salem," or Swedenborgian Church, of whose doctrines several of his works are in defence.

PARSONS, Thomas William, M.D., was born at Boston, Mass., Aug. 18, 1819. He was educated at the Boston grammar school, and in 1836-37 travelled in Europe, re- maining for some time in Italy. Returning to America, he studied medicine at Harvard, and for a time practised dentistry in Boston. He subsequently came to England, where he lived for a number of years, and afterwards in Italy. He is now residing at Way land, Massachusetts. In 1843 he pub- lished a translation of the first ten cantos of Dante's "Inferno," and in 1854 a volume containing' "Ghetto di Roma," and other poems, mainly suggested by a new- visit to Italy. In 1867 he put forth a translation of the whole of the " Inferno," and in the same year a volume of poems under the title "Magnolia." He is an occasional contributor to the Atlantic, the Ca- tholic World, and other periodicals.

PARTON, James, born at Canter- bury, England, Feb. 9, 1822, was taken to America when a child. He received an ordinary education, and at the age of nineteen was teacher in an academy at White Plains, N. Y., and subsequently taught school in Philadelphia and New York. He afterwards became a journalist and magazine writer, and has written many books, mostly of a historical character. Of these the principal are : "Life of Horace Greeley," 1855; "Humorous Poetry