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1833 ; " La Eetraite de Moscou," 1835; *'La Prise d'Ypres," 1837;

  • ' La Mort de Turenne," " Le Si^ge

d*Anvers en 1792," "Le Combat de Stockach," 1838-39; "Bayard au pont du Garigliano," "Louis XV. visitant le champ de bataille de Fontenoy/' at the Luxembourg. 1840; "L*Entree du col de la Mouzaia/' "La D«5fense de Maza- gran," "L'Attaque de Medeah/' •* Le Combat de 1 Oued-Jer/' " Une Razzia," 1842-4rt; most of these being pictures for which the artist received commissions after his re- turn from a journey to Algeria ;

    • La BataiUe de Monthabor/'

jointly with M. Leon Cogniet, now at Versailles, 1843 ; " La Bataille de Bivoli/' 1845 ; " Femmes Mau- resques/' "Une Rue d' Alger/' 1846 ; " Le general Gourgaud sau- vant la vie k Napoleon," 1848 ; "Le Dernier Banquet des Girondins," now at Marseilles, with " La Mort de Turenne," 1850; "Le general Bonaparte en Italic," 1853 ; " D6- faite des Cimbres," 1855 ; " Charge des chasseurs d'Afrique k Balak^ lava," 1859; " Le general Forey acclam^ par les troupes de sa divi- sion apres le combat de Montebello," "L'Empereur embrassant le gene- ral Forey k la gare de Voghera," " ReUgieuses k la Chapelle," " Com- bat de Montebello," " Combat de Diemstein," belonging to the Duke of Richmond, 1863 j " La Fiancee du Timbalier," 1864; "Le Si^ge de Puebla," "Le general Forey k la t^te de Tarmee fran^aise," in the Mexican war, 1863 ; " Chefs Arabes se rendant au-devant de TEm- pereur/' "fclaireurs Arabes," 1866 ; Defense de Paris (1870-71) contre les Armies Allemandes" for the Panorama in the Champs-Elysees, 1872 ; " Scene du Bombardement de Paris par les Armies Allemandes, au mois de Janvier, 1871/* for the Diorama of the Champs-Elysecs ;

  • ' Rencontre d*Henri IV. et de Sully le

lendemain de la bataille d'lvry, mars, 1590/' 1875. He has also painted some genre pictures, such as : — "La

Pervenche/* " La Deception/' " Le Brin d'Herbe," and "Le Retour du Cabaret." At Versailles are the following pictures by M. Philip- pe teaux : — " Le Combat du Raab," " Le Passage du Tagliamento," and " Le Si^ge d'Anvers en 1832." He has sent to the exhibitions of the Royal Academy of London the fol- lowing pictures : — " La Charge des Cuirassiers Fran<;ais k Waterloo/' 1875; "Cliarge of the English Heavy Cavalry at the Battle of Balaclava, Oct. 25, 1854," 1876; and " The Battle of the Alma, Sept. 20, 1854," 1877. M. PhiHppoteaux obtained a second medal in 1837, a first medal in 1840, and the decora- tion of the Legion of Honour in July, 1846.

PHILLIMORE, The Right Hon. Sib Robert Joseph, Bart., D.C.L., is the second son of Joseph Philli- more, Esq., D.C.L., a celebrated ecclesiastical lawyer, formerly Re- gius Professor of Civil Law at Oxford, by Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Walter Bagot, of Blith- field, Staffordshire, who was brother of the first Baron Bagot. He was bom in London, November 5, 1810, and educated at Westminster School, whence he was elected to Christ Church, Oxford. He gained the College prizes for Latin verse and prose, and graduated B.A. in 1831, being placed in the second class in classics. For three years after this he was a clerk in the Board of Con- trol. Subsequently he was created a D.C.L. of Oxford, was admitted an Advocate at Doctor's Commons, was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, and in due course was made a Queen's Counsel. As a civilian he gained an extensive practice, and early in his career he obtained various lucrative posts. He was appointed Official to the Archdeaconries of Middlesex and London by Archdeacons Cambridge and Pott, in 1840; Chancellor of the diocese of Chichester by Bishop Gilbert, in 1844 ; and Chancellor of Salisbury by his brother-in-law.