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abr^g^ de la Terre Sainte/' 1877. M. de Saulcy has been twice mar- ried. His second wife, Mdlle. de Billing, a daughter of the weU- known diplomatist, was appointed lady of the palace to the Empress. After the capitulation of Sedan (1870), M. de Saulcy followed the Empress to Chislehurst, but he has since returned to Prance and re- sumed his labours at the Academy of Inscriptions^ where he was nomi- nated a member of the permanent commission of the "Corpus des Inscriptions S^mitiques.** He was made an Officer of the Legion of Honour, April 26, 1847, a Senator of France, having previously retired from the Artillery with the rank of Major, Nov. 14, 1859, and Com- mander of the Legion of Honour, Aug. 13, 1862.

SAXE, John Godfrey, LL.D., was born at Highgate, Vermont, June 2, 1816, A.B. (Middlebury College), 1839. From 1843 to 1850 he practised law in Vermont, and from 1850 to 1855 he was editor of the Burlington (Vermont) Sentinel, and was State Attorney in 1851. At one time he was a Democratic candidate for governor of Vermont, but since 1858 he has devoted him- self exclusively to literature and lecturing. His first coUection of X)oems was published in 1849, and enlargfed editions have appeared every few years since. In addition to the various editions of his col- lected poems which have appeared, he has published "The Money King," 1859; "Clever Stories of Many Nations," 1863; "Masque- rade," 1866; " Fables and Legends of Many Countries," 1872; "Proud Miss McBride," 1873 ; and "Leisure Day Ehymes," 1875.


SAT, Jban Baptiste L^on, a French statesman, born at Paris, June 6, 1826, is son of Horace Kmile Say, and grandson of Jean Baptiste Say, the celebrated politi- cal economist. Following the tradi-

tions of his family, he devoted himself to the study of political economy, and for many years he was editor of the Journal d€* D/bats. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the Corps Legislatif in 1869, but in Feb., 1871, he was returned to the National Assembly, as one of the representatives of tiie dejjart^ ment of the Seine. In June the same year he became Pr^ect of that department. In Oct., 1871, be came to London, accompanied by M. Vautrain, the president of the Municipal Council of Paris, and presented to the Court of Aldermen at the Guildhall a bronze medal of the H6tel de Ville, and the Isjrge gold medal which was struck in commemoration of the re victualling of Paris by voluntary subscriptions collected in this country. At the same time he on behalf of M. Thiers presented the Lord Mayor with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. He and M. Vautrain were entertained at a public ban- quet in the Mansion House (Oct. 18). On Dec. 7, 1872, he was made Minister of Finance by M. Thiers, on who'se downfall he naturally left office (May 24, 1873). He again accepted the portfolio of Finance in M. Buffet's administration, in March, 1875. Soon afterwards he was €dected a Senator for the department of the Seine-et-Oise ; his term of office expired in 1882. He retained his portfolio in the Dufaure cabinet of the 10th of May, 1^6, and in the Jules Simon cabinet of the 13th of Dec. following, but he retired with the latter May 17, 1877. When a new ministry was formed under the presidency of M. Dufaure in Dec., 1877, M. L^on Say again became Minis- ter of Finance. He presided over the International Monetary Con- ference held at the Foreign Offioe, Paris, in Aug., 1878. He retained the position of Minister of Finance in the first cabinet formed by Presi- dent Gr^vy. He retired from the Administration, Dec. 17, 1879, with