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the head of the cabinet, M. Wad- dington, and resumed his place among the members of the Left Centre. In April, 1880, he was appointed Ambassador in London, with a view to his conducting the negotiations for a Treaty of Com- merce, and he met with a cordial reception, but he returned to Paris in the course of a few weeks, in consequence of his having been elected President of the Senate, May 25, 1880, in place of M. Martel, who had resigned on account of ill- health. A short time previously to this, the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences had elected M. Leon Say as successor to M. Michel Chevalier (April 21-). He was re- elected President of the Senate, Jan. 20, 1881, and he became Minister of Finance in the De Freycinet cabinet, formed Jan. 30, 1882. M. L^on Say, who is a great authority on financial and economi- cal questions, has written *' Th^orie des Changes Strangers," translated from the English, and preceded by an introduction ; " Histoire de la Caisse d'Escompte," 1848; "La Ville de Paris et le Credit Foncier ; " "Lettre aux Membres de la Com- mission du Corps L^gislatifj" " Observations sur le Syst^me Financier de M. le Pr^fet de la Seine," 1865; and, in conjunction with M. L^n Walras, "Les Obliga- tions Populaires.'* He has con- tributed to the Annuaire de V^con- omie Politiqtie and the Journal des Economistes. In Dec, 1874, the French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences elected M. L^n Say to the seat left vacant by the death of M. Dubois.

SAYCE, The Eev. Archibald Henby, born at Shirehampton, near Bristol, Sept. 25, 1846, was educated partly at home, and partly at Gros- venor College, Bath. He became Scholar of Queen's College, Oxford, in 1865, First Class in Moderations in 1866, was First Class in the Final Classical Schools in 1868, was elected a Fellow of his College in 1869,

Tutor in 1870, and since then Senior Tutor. He was ordained deacon in 1870, and priest in 1871. He be- came Deputy-Professor of Compa- rative Phalology in 1876 ; an elector to the Chair of Celtic in the same year ; and Public Examiner in the School of Theology in 1877. He has been a member of the Old Tes- tament Eevision Company since 1874, and received an honorary LL.D. degree at Dublin in 1881. He has published: — "Outlines of Accadian Grammar," in the Journal of Philology, 1870; "An Assyrian Grammar for Comparative Pur- poses," 1872 ; " The Principles of Comparative Philology," 1874, 2nd edition, 1875 ; "The Astronomy and Astrology of the Babylonians," 1874; "An Elementary Assyrian Grammar and Beading Book," 1875, 2nd edition, 1877; "A Lecture on the Study of Comparative Phil- ology," 1876; "Lectures on the Assyrian Syllabary and Grammar," 1877 ; " Babylonian Literature," 1877; "Critical Examination of Isaiah, xxxvi.-xxxix., the Chaldean Accoimt of the Deluge, and the Date of the Ethnological Table of Genesis," in the Theological Review, 1873-4; "Syracuse," in the Fort- nightly Review, Oct., 1875; "The Jelly-Fish Theory of Language," in the CorUemporary Review, April, 1876; "The Karian Inscriptions," in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, x. 3 ; " Acca- dian Phonology" in Transactions of the Philological Society, 1877; "The Tenses of the Assyrian Verb" in the Transactions of the B.A.S., 1877 ; " Introduction to the Science of Language," 2 vols,, 1880 ; " The Monuments of the Hittites," and the Inscription of Siloam," 1881 ; and "The Vannic Inscriptions Deciphered and Translated," 1882. Mr. Sayce edited George Smith's " History of Babylonia,^' 1877, and " Sennacherib," 1878.

SCHAFF, Philip, D.D., LL.D., bom at Chur, Switzerland, Jan. 1, 1819. He was educated at Chur>