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1802, February 23 Secretary of War to Harrison Setting forth regulations in regard to the Indian policy. 39
1802, February 26 Harrison to Secretary of War Boundary line between the Whites and Indians 41
1802, March 25 Harrison to Secretary of War Lease of a salt spring from the Indians 47
1802, April 8 Proclamation Concerning rights of setlers at Peoria 48
1802, May 5 Proclamation Offering a reward for apprehending a jail breaker 48
1802, July 7 Harrison to Secretary of State Public lands 49
1802, August 8 Harrison to President Plan of Jeffersonville 50
1802, August 12 Harrison Address to Indian council 52
1802, September 17 Minutes of Indian Conference Held by Harrison with the chiefs 56
1802, September 24 Harrison to Justice John Griffin, John Edgar and Peter Menard to hold court in Randolph county Ill. 57
1802, October 24 Proclamation Sale of liquor to Indians 59
1802, October Harrison to Secretary of War Murder of an Indian by a white man 60
1802, November 22 Proclamation calling a convention to petition congress to allow slavery in Indiana territory 60
1802, December 25
(Given under Nov. 22)
Resolutions of convention at Vincennes favoring slavery in territory 61
1802, December 28
(Given under Nov. 22)
Petition of a Convention at Vincennes Favoring slavery 62
1802, December 28
(under Dec. 22)
Harrison to speaker of House of Representatives Enclosing above resolutions 67
1803, January 14 Proclamation Erecting the lower peninsula of Michigan into Wayne county, and attaching the Whitewater valley to Clark county 68
1803, February 27 Jefferson to Harrison Concerning the plot of Jeffersonville, and the Indian policy of the United States 69
1803, March 2 John Randolph and Com. of House Report on petition for slavery in Indiana 73