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1805, December 16 Pawatamo, the Pottawattomie Answer to the charge of depredation 178
1805, December 17 Proclamation Selling Liquor to Indians 180
1805, December 24 Harrison to Secretary of War hostile disposition of Kickapoos Unfortunate catastrophe to Osages Restlessness of the Delawares 180
1805, December 27 Harrison to Pierre Menard Commission as judge 182
1806, "early in" Speech of Harrison to Delaware Indians Sorcery 182
1806, January 1 Harrison to Secretary of War Enclosing treaty concluded with the Piankeshaws Murder of two white men by three Indians 184
1806, January 16 President to Harrison British Trdde with the Indians 185
1806, February 2 Jefferson to Harrison Transmitting a duplicate of his letter to legislature of Indiana 187
1806, February 14 House report on a petition to import slaves into Indiana territory 188
1806, June 21 Proclamation Reward for the arrest of the two men who had broken jail at Vincennes 190
1806, June 28 Zebulon M. Pike to Harrison An affair which happened in the army, between Pike and Lemuel Harrison 190
1806, July Harrison to William Prince Instructions for his mission to Kickapoos Enclosure: Letter from Harrison to Kickapoos 191
1806, July 5 Harrison to Jefferson His new appointment The jealousy and restlessness of Illinois Indians New appointment of the Territory 194
1806, July 12 Harrison to Menard, Appointment as Lieut. Col. commanding in the Randolph Co. (Ill.) militia 196
1806, July 26 Proclamation Selling liquor to Indians 197
1806, September 19 Wilkinson to Harrison Concerning making Burr a citizen of Indiana and returning him to congress 197