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Departure from Guadalajara—Killing Bandits—Ancient Bridge—Falls of the Rio Grande—Zapotlanejo—Results of Revolutions and Invasions—The Bridge of Calderon, where Hidalgo was Defeated—How the Indian Patriots Fought—Scene of one of Rojas' Butcheries—The Terror of Jalisco—Buying out an Establishment—The Grateful Merchant—TepotitIan—Jalos—Great Disproportion of the Sexes—Venta de Los Pagarros and how they Kill Robbers There—Great Central Plateau of Mexico—St John of the Lakes—Its great Church, and What I Saw in It—A Scene of Bewildering Beauty—Lagos and Its Churches—A Well-preserved Roman, and My Conclusions—Scenes in the Market Place—Pig-headed Mules—Arrival at Leon—The City and the People—Discounting a Miracle—The Feast of All-Saints—Pockets Picked and Charity Misconstrued—Narrow Escape from Bandits"—Tis Distance Lends Enchantment"—The Mines of La Luz—A Touching and Characteristic Scene—The Foot-Hills of Guanajuato,



Guanajuato— First View of the Triple City—Marfil—The Reservoirs—Senor Rocha and His Works—La Presa—El Buffa—The Silver District of Guanajuato— Statistics of the State—Improvements—Schools and Colleges—Gov. Antillon—The Mint and What is Done There—Castle of Grenaditas and its History—The Fate of Hidalgo— Street Peddlers and Their Wares—How the Poor People Live—Curious Scenes at the Markets—Heavy Stealings—Severe on the Clergy—College Examination—Beneficiating Silver Ores—The Great Mine of San Jose de Valenciano which has Produced Eight Hundred Million Dollars—Ruin and Desolation—A Deserted Mining Town—Immense Subterranean Works—The Great Shaft—A Game Padre—Fearful Murder—The Gentlemen of the Road—Generous Brigands—A Foreign Innovation—Mine of the Serrano—In the Tunnel—Pyrotechnical Display of Indescribable Grandeur—The Lower Depths—Sights Under Ground—How People Live and Die There—A Speechless Auctioneer,



Departure from Guanajuato—A Sand-River—A Beautiful and Fertile Country—Feudal Castles in the Nineteenth Century—Salamanca—The Late General Doblado—The Game of the Country—Celaya—Interesting Relics—A Mexican Woolen Factory—Artesian Well—Fountains—Salvatierra—A Chance for Railway Builders—Hacienda of Fifty Thousand Acres—A Poverty Stricken Population in the Richest Land on Earth—Abundance of Old Churches—Great Need of a Continental Railway—A Better Time Coming—Approach to the Historic City of Queretaro,