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Arrival at Queretaro—All Quiet—How the Aqueduct was Built—The "Hercules" Cotton Factory and its Surroundings—First Class Operatives—The Procession of the Host—The Englishman's Mistake—That same old Mulo Story—Welcome to Mr. Seward—Scene of the Downfall of the Empire of Mexico—Popular Opinion of Maximilian and Carlotta—The Siege of Queretaro—Position of the Contending Armies—Desperation of Maximilian's Situation—His Offer, to Abandon His Army to Secure His Own Personal Safety—An Immediate Assault at all Points ordered by Escobedo—Was Lopez a Traitor?—Last Scene in the Conflict—How Maximilian Was Taken—His Hopes for Pardon—Conversation between Maximilian and Miramon—The Scene at the Cerro De Las Campanas—Execution of Maximilian, Miramon and Mejia—Was It Right, or Was It Not?—Visit to the last Scene in the Tragedy of the Empire of Mexico—All that Is Left of the Empire,



From Queretaro to Mexico—A Magnificent Agricultural Country—San Juan del Rio—Old Lava Fields—The Land of the Maguey—The Century Plant and what it Produces—Arroyo Zarco—The Rural Guard—Tepeji Del Rio—First View of the Valley of Mexico—The Blind Man and His Daughter—Lake Zupango—Pulque and the Pulqueries—Pig-Skins and How Procured—A Startling Resemblance—Reminiscence of White Pine—The Story of Downton and Gerry—A Family Resemblance—Sad Results of Business Reverses—The Valley of Mexico—Reception of Mr. Seward by the Cabinet of the President—Welcome to the Capital as the Nation's Guest by the Citizen President, Benito Juarez—In the City of Montezuma,



Mexico and Its Surroundings—Insecurity of the Roads—Excursion to La Canada—Visit to Tacubaya—The House of Gen. Urega, and Who I Found There—The American Cemetery—A Startling Inscription—The Gate of the Beam—The Grand Canal and Floating Gardens of Mexico—Scene of Guatamozin's Defeat—Church and Tree of the Noche Triste—The San Cosme Aqueduct—An Aztec Idol—How Police Matters are Managed—A Polito Thief—Popocatapetl and the Woman in White—The Survey by General Ochoa—Interior of the Crater—How Cortez Procured Powder—Dinner with Matias Romero—Dinner with the Family of President Juarez at Chapultepec—The Palace and Its Surroundings—Souvenirs of Maximilian—Poor Carlotta—The Feast of Belshazzar—