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Books noticed: PAGE
"Surveys of Northwestern Lakes" (Comstock) 849
"The Microscopist's Annual" 850
"North American Entomologist" 850
"Haveenoid" (Mott) 850
"The Oriental and Biblical Journal" 850
"The Thousand Islands" (Hough) 850
"Coal-Trade of Pennsylvania" (Sheafer) 851
"American Health Primers" 851
"Memoirs of the Science Department of Tokyo University" 851
"American Journal of Philology" 851
"Report of the Department of Statistics and Geology of Indiana" 852
Boole, George, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 840
Botel Tobago, The Aborigines of 718
Breath, Temperature of the 855
Buchan, J. M., Climate and Complexion 1
Buchan, J. M., Climate and Complexion 279
Buffalo, The, and his Pate 40
Butter-making in Denmark and Sweden 859

Criminal Law, Origin of 121
Carbon Button, The. (Illustrated.) 10
Carlisle, the Lord Bishop of, God and Nature 27
Carpenters, About 233
Carpet-Beetle, The 287
Catskill Mountains, The 568
"Ceremonial Institutions," The London" Times "on 125
Chemical Exercises for Ordinary Schools 522
Chemistry, Industrial Application of Cold in 858
Chemistry, The New, a Development of the Old 393
Child, A. L., Letter from 692
Children, New-born, Hygiene of 715
Children, The Infectious and Contagious Diseases of 249
Chimborazo and its Climbers 714
Chinese Civilization, Origin of 856
Cinchona-Forests, The, of South America 507
Circulation, Changes in the, during Cerebral Activity 303
Clarke, Professor F. W., My Fire 321
Classics, The, that educate us 145
Climate and Character, American 705
Climate and Complexion 1
Climate and Complexion 279
Crayfish for Study 405
Crayfish, The, Where to find 135
Coloring of the Waters in Seas and Lakes 706
Comets of 1843 and 1880, The 714
Coöperation in England 742
Copyright, International, Wilkie Collins on 554
Copyright, Matthew Arnold on 121
Cotton-Worm, Investigation of the
Criticisms corrected 795
Correction, A 692
Correspondence 120
Correspondence 405
Correspondence 552
Correspondence 692
Cumings, Elizabeth 823