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Inebriate Asylums, The Founder of. (Misc.) 282
Influenza and Children's Growth. (Misc.) 719
Influenza and the Weather. (Misc.) 568
Insect, A Motherly. (Misc.) 426
Insect Aid for our Orange-growers. (Misc.) 136
Insects, Leaf and Stick. (Misc.) 717
Insects, Speed of. (Misc.) 573
Instinctive Movements of Children. (Misc.) 426
Irish Myths. (Misc.) 569
Iron-making, Early Steps in.* W. F. Durfee 145
Iron Mills and Puddling-Furnaces.* W. F. Durfee 314
Iron-smelting by Modern Methods* W. F. Durfee 449
Iron-working with Machine Tools.* W. F. Durfee 586

James, Joseph F. A Brief History of the Ohio River* 739
Jameson, Charles D., and H. Remley. The Relative Value of Cements 663
Jones, M. H. What is Individualism? 205
"Jumpers," African. (Misc.) 137

K. The Basis of Morality. (Corr.) 408
Kasbek, Mount, The Tradition of. (Misc.) 138
Key, Axel. School Life in Relation to Growth and Health 107
Kisch, E. Heinrich. The Sensations of Pleasure and Pain 243
Kitson, Arthur. The Logic of Free Trade and Protection 48

Lands, The Available, of the Globe. (Misc.) 858
Larrabee, William H. The Intelligence of Cats 368
""What shall we do with the Dago?" (Corr.) 553
Lessons from Barbarism, Some. Elaine Goodale 82
Liberty, Intellectual. (Editor's Table) 844
Library, The, as a Laboratory. (Editor's Table) 123
Light and Electricity, The Identity of. H. Hertz 179
Lightning, Zigzag. (Misc.) 569
Lockyer, J. Norman. The History of a Star 66

McCook, Henry C. Defenses of Burrowing Spiders* 189
McElroy, John. Hypocrisy as a Social Elevator 599
Magnetograph, The. (Misc.) 285
Mallery, Garrick. Greeting by Gesture 477
Mallery, Garrick. Greeting by Gesture 629
Man, Tertiary, The Question of. (Misc.) 283
Manual Training and the Brain. (Misc.) 425
Marion, Henri. Training for Character 755
Marshall, William. Animal Life in the Great Desert 247
Mathematics, The Scope of. (Misc.) 284
Mathews, Robert. Evolutionary Ethics. (Corr.) 700
Mayer, Alfred G. Habits of the Box Tortoise* 60
Medals, The Wise Use of. (Misc.) 571
Mediterranean, The. (Misc.) 140
"Physical Geography of the. (Misc.) 859
Ménard, Saint Yves. Adaptation to Climate 670