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Metric Standards, New. (Misc.) 855
Miles, Manly. Progress in Agricultural Science* 491
Mississippi, Storage Reservoirs for the. (Misc.) 856
Mitchell, Elisha, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 398
Mitchill, Samuel L., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 691
Mendenhall, T. C. The Relations of Men of Science to the General Public 19
Montezuma's Head-dress. (Misc.) 568
Morality, A Doubtful Prop of. (Editor's Table) 267
Morality, The Basis of. (Corr.) K 408
Morality, The Evolutionary View of. (Editor's Table) 409
Morgan, Appleton. What shall we do with the "Dago"? 172
Morris, Charles. The Storage of Cold 517
Mounds, Some North Dakota. (Misc.) 855
Mummies, Preservation of. (Misc.) 570
Murdoch, John. Dress and Physique of the Point-Barrow Eskimos 222
"Whale-catching at Point Barrow 830
Museums, American Public, Origin of. (Misc.) 282
Music, The Origin of. Herbert Spencer 1
Mussels, Poisonous. (Misc.) 138

Natural Gas Supply, The. (Misc.) 285
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 289
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 433
New England, Rural, The Decline of. A. N. Currier 384
Northrop, John I. Cultivation of Sisal in the Bahamas* 606
Notes 144
Notes 287
Notes 430
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863
Nurse, a Good, The Qualifications of. (Misc.) 856
Nyassa-Land, Resources of. (Misc.) 138

Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 720
Ohio River, A Brief History of the.* J. F. James 739
Ordway, John M. Non-conductors of Heat 644

Palm-wine. (Misc.) 424
Pamir Table-land, The. (Misc.) 572
Pasteur Institute, New York. (Misc.) 566
Petroleum as an Explosive. (Misc.) 716
Phenological Observations, Value of. (Misc.) 142
Philosophy at Harvard. (Misc.) 281
Physical Training, Precision in. G. Demeny 467
Plant Species, Ocean Transportation of. (Misc.) 571
Plants, Intelligence in. (Misc.) 424
Plants, North American, Distribution of. (Misc.) 135
Plants of Columbia, Economic. (Misc.) 141
Ponies, Shetland.* 538
"Pororóca," The, or Bore of the Amazon. J. C. Branner 208
Prairie Flowers of Late Autumn. B. D. Halsted 229
Predisposition, Immunity, and Disease. W. Bernhardt 380
Printing, Early, at Avignon. (Misc.) 860
Printing-machines, Improvement of. (Misc.) 567
Publications Received 133
Publications Received 280
Publications Received 423
Publications Received 565
Publications Received 712
Publications Received 853
Pupils or Machines? (Corr.) A. C. Ray 119