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Potato Disease, Treatment of. (Misc.) 568
"Pulp, Roasted. (Misc.) 859
Prehistoric Lapidaries, Skill of. (Misc.) 572
Psychology, Experimental, at the World's Fair. (Misc.) 561
Puma, The. (Misc.) 282
Pyburn, George. Flowering Habit of the American Aloe. (Corr.) 413

Quail, Destruction of, and the Plague of Locusts. (Misc.) 719

Railway Court of Last Resort, Wanted a. A. Morgan 212
Rain-drops, Size and Shape of. (Misc.) 860
Regnault, F. The Prehensile Foot of East Indians* 489
Reno, Conrad. The Wage-contract and Personal Liberty* 644
Rice, J. M., M. D. Physiology and the Prevention of Disease 308
Rich, George A. Leather-making* 339
"""Manufacture of Boots and Shoes* 496
Riley, C. V. The Yucca Moth and Yucca Pollination* 171
Rochard, Jules. Tobacco and the Tobacco Habit 670
Rochester, N. Y., Scientific Work of. (Misc.) 858
Royal Society, The; or, Scientific Visionaries of the Seventeenth Century. M. D. Steele 531

Sargasso Sea, The. (Misc.) 862
Scenery, Historical and Interesting, Preservation of. (Misc.) 429
Schools, Boston Public, Moral, Manual, and Science Training in the. (Misc.) 711
"of New York State. (Misc.) 562
Science and Fine Art. E. Du Bois-Reymond 16
"Recent. Prince Kropotkin 811
"Teaching in Preparatory Schools. (Misc.) 571
"The Claims of. (Editor's Table) 844
Sea-coast Land, Destiny of. (Misc.) 279
Seeds, Fine Flower, Propagation of. (Misc.) 568
Sense of Smell, Odors and the. C. Henry 682
Servetus, Michael: Reformer, Physiologist, and Martyr. C. McRae 519
Shufeldt, R. W. A Comparative Study of some Indian Homes* 798
Shuswap Traits. (Misc.) 712
Silk-weaving Centers, French. (Misc.) 283
"Silver Thaw." (Misc.) 565
Simpson, W. Mud as a Building Material* 762
Slave Trade, Reason of the. (Misc.) 430
Snails of Mountain and Plain. (Misc.) 860
Snow Effects in the Pamirs. (Misc.) 280
Social Economy, State Intervention in. A. Leroy Beaulieu 463
Sociology, The Relation of Biology to. L. G. Janes 206
Species, Extermination of. (Misc.) 572
Spencer, Herbert. Veracity 482
"and the Synthetic Philosophy. W. H. Hudson 1
Spring Two Hundred Years ago and now. (Misc.) 574
Star Spectra, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 430
Starr, Frederick. Anthropological Work in America* 289