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Starr, Frederick. Anthropological Work in Europe* 54
Stars, "New" and Variable. J. E. Gore 396
Steele, Miss Mary Davies. The Royal Society; or, Scientific Visionaries of the Seventeenth Century 531
Sternberg, George M., M. D. Infectious Diseases: Causation and Immunity 616
Stone Age, New, in Iceland. (Misc.) 718
Superstitions, Savage. (Corr.) A. R. Cadalso 123
Survival of Ancestral Traits. (Corr.) L. H. C 123
"The, of the Unfit II. D. Chapin 182
Swedish Wood and Iron. (Misc.) 141

Taylor, Henry Ling. American Childhood from a Medical Standpoint 721
Tea Plant. American. (Misc.) 426
Teale, T. Pridgin. Dust and Fresh Air 238
Technical School at St. Etienne, France. (Misc.) 281
Testimony, Human, Value of. (Misc.) 428
Theology, Progressive. (Editor's Table) 551
Timber-testing. (Misc.) 429
Title-pages, Early. (Misc.) 137
Trees and Extreme Temperatures. (Misc.) 714
"Venerable. (Misc.) 138
Typhoid Fever and Sewage in Drinking-water. (Misc.) 574

Vance, Lee J. The Evolution of Dancing* 739
Veracity. H. Spencer 482
Vlachs of Turkey. (Misc.) 142
Vogt, Carl. The Colors of Water 246
Volta, Alessandro, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 117

Wage-contract, The, and Personal Liberty. C. Reno 644
Wager, Harold, and Auberon Herbert. Bad Air and Bad Health 97
Warming and Ventilation of Dwellings* 831
Watch-making, Swiss. (Misc.) 283
Weeds, Eastern and Western. (Misc.) 563
Wells, David Dwight. Evolution in Folk Lore 45
Wheat-raising, Possibilities of. (Misc.) 277
Wheelbarrow, Antiquity of the. (Misc.) 714
White, Andre Dickson. From Magic to Chemistry and Physics
"""Geography 446
"""Geography 577
"""The Retreat of Theology in the Galileo Case 145
Winchell, Alexander, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 837
Wounded Soldiers, First Actions of. G. L. Kilmer 155
Wright, Carroll D. Families and Dwellings 474
"""The Native and Foreign-born Population 756

Yucca Moth, The, and Yucca Pollination.* C. V. Riley 171

Zebra's Stripes. (Misc.) 567