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The First North Carolina Volunteers. 213

Arms are now in Raleigh for the use of the regiment, and the men will be furnished with them promptly. The regiment will be moved into Virginia as soon as possible, but will not be led into battle until the field officers are of the opinion that the men are fit for duty. You will order an election for field officers of the regiment on Fri- day the 3d day of May.

The cause of Virginia is the cause of North Carolina. In our first struggle for liberty she nobly and freely poured out her blood in our defence. We will stand by her now in this our last effort for independence.

By order of the Governor.

J. F. HOKE, Adjutant- General. Colonel D. H. HILL,

Commanding Camp of Instruction, Raleigh, N. C.


RALEIGH, April 20, 1861. General Orders, No. j.

The volunteer force of the State, not already ordered into active service, are commanded to hold themselves in readiness to march at an hour's notice. The officers are required to send to the Adjutant- General's office a roll of the companies. I am directed by the Gov- ernor to call for the enrollment of thirty thousand volunteers.

Organize ; send in the rolls. Commissions and arms will be fur- nished. Be in readiness to march at a day's notice ; drill by day and by night ; let the citizens equip their men. Some of your brothers are now in the field. The State has reason to be proud of the promptness with which they rallied at the call of the Governor. The decree for our subjugation has gone forth ; the time of our trial has come; the blow will soon fall ; we must meet it with the whole energies of the State ; we must show to the world that North Caro- lina will maintain her rights at all hazards.

By order of the commander -in-chief.

J. F. HOKE, Adjutant- General. Official :


Assistant Adjutant- General.