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214 Southern Historical Society Papers.


RALEIGH, May o, 1861. General Orders, No. 7.

The following companies of volunteers, now stationed in this city, are hereby organized into a regiment, to be mustered into the ser- vice of the State agreeable to such regulations as shall hereby be determined upon, viz. :

1. Edgecombe Guards Captain John L. Bridgers.

2. Enfield Blues Captain D. A. Bell.

3. Hornet's Nest Rifles Captain Lewis S. Williams.

4. Burke Rifles Captain C. M. Avery.

5. Buncombe Rifles Captain W. W. .McDowell.

6. Southern Stars Captain W. J. Hoke.

7. Randalsburg Rifles Captain A. A. Erwin.

8. La Fayette Light Infantry Captain W. G. Matthews.

9. Orange Light Infantry Captain Richard J. Ashe.

The companies will be arranged in the regiment, and the relative rank of the officers will be fixed when the same shall have been mus- tered into service.

The commanding officer of the Camp of Instruction will hold an election for field officers of the above regiment at 10 o'clock A. M. the nth instant.

The companies not already at the camp will repair there at the time designated, where they will be stationed until further ordered.

The following companies will be concentrated at the Camp of In- struction of Weldon, N. C., where they will be organized into a regi- ment in like manner, viz. :

1. Warrenton Guards Captain Wade.

2. Granville Greys Captain George Wortham.

3. Halifax Light Infantry Captain Whitaker.

4. Cleveland Guards Captain Aug. W. Burton.

5. Catawba Rifles Captain T. W. Bradburn.

6. Duplin Rifles Captain Thomas S. Kenan.

7. Nash Boys Captain William T. Williams.

8. Warrenton Rifles Captain Jones.

9. Townsville Guards Captain Henry E. Coleman.

10. Lumberton Guards Captain Richard M. Norment.