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404 INDEX. James, Capt. Geo. S., 62. Jenkins, Death of Gen. M., 70. Johnston and Davis, Cause of their variance, Johnston, Gen. Albert Sidney, Death of, 129. Johnston's Surrender, Terms offered by Gen. Sherman, 205. Jones, C. S. Navy, Lt. Catesby Ap. R., 4, n. Jones, M. D., LL.D., Prof. Joseph, 109. Jones, D. D., Rev. J. Wm., Address of, 367. Jones, W. Ellis, 185. Kershaw, Gen. J. B.,88. Klein, Death of Capt., 172. Knight, Col. Charles W., 172. Lamb, Col. Wm., Letter of wife of, giving ac- count of the Defence of Fort Fisher, 301. Lane, Gen. James H., 311. Lee, Gen. Fitzhugh, 47. Lee, Gen. R. E., His charge with the Texas Brigade, 71; tributes of Gen. J. A.Walker and Hon. B. H. Hill to, 372. Longstreet, Wounding of Gen. James, 70. McCabe, Capt. W. Gordon, 186, 237, 238, 356, 364, 398, 399, 401. McCarthy, Carlton, 261. McCarthy, Capt. Edward, 291. Macaulay, Zachary, a slave-trader, 272. Mahone's Brigade, Its part in the battle of the Wilderness, 68, 86. McKethan, Col. H., 172. Mallory, Midshipman C. K., 9. Mansfield, Gen. J. K. F., n. Marr, Capt. John Q., 65. Mauk, John W., 349. May, Dr. Ben. H., color bearer i2th Va. reg't, Death of, 68, 72, 78. Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, H7th Anniversary of, with oration of Hon. D. B. Hill, 335. Medical Corps of the C. S. Army and Navy. The dead of, since 1865, in; formation of, 112 ; re-union of survivors of, at Chattanooga, Tenn., 123; address before, by Surgeon- General Jones, 137; insignia of, 137; Medical Relief Corps of, 138. Medical History of C. S. Army and Navy, 109. Merrimac or Virginia, her plan, construction and career, i, 6. Mingea, Joseph, Death of, 82. Minitree, Col. Joseph P , 77, 93. Minor, C. S. Navy, Lt. R. D., 11. Monitor, the Federal, 13. Moore, J. Blythe, 261, 298. Moore, Surgeon-General S. P., 109. Moorman, Col. Geo., 400. Morgan, Col. W. A., 48. Morrison, Sergt. Geo. J., 93. Mosby, Col. John S., 52. Murfreesboro', Captui'e of, 328. Newton, D. D., M. D., Rev. J. B., 367 Newton, C. S. Navy, Virginius, his History of the Merrimac or Virginia, i. North Carolina, troops furnished the C. S. Army by, with casualties of, 64 ; university of, 214. CEpidus, The plea of the daughter of, 375. Olmstead, Col. C. H., 169. Owen, Col. W. Miller, 33. Page, Hon. R. M., 46. Palmer, Col. Wm. H., 184, 202, 356. Palmer, George S., 211. Parish councils proposed, 343. Parker, C. S. Navy, Capt. W. H., 10. Patterson, Captain fohn R., 76, 93. Patton, Col. L. W. T., 308. Pegram Battalion Association, 184; gallant deeds of, 185, 362. Pegram, Capt. R. B., 75. Penn, Gen. D. B., 309. Perry, Col. H. H., 56. Perry, Capt. Leslie J., 108. Petersburg, Defence of, 382. Pillow, Capture of Fort, 330. Porter, U. S. Navy, Constructor J. L., 2. Private Infantryman, The, the typical hero of the South, 311. Private soldier, Valor of the, 374. Pry or, Gen. Roger A., 61. Pucci, W. F., Death of, 76. Putnam, Col. H. S., 179. Ramsey, Major, mortally wounded, 182. Randolph, The freed slaves of John, perse- cuted in Ohio, 276. Randolph, Norman V., 316, 323, 356. Richmond a city of Monuments, 352. Richmond Howitzers, Unveiling of the monu- ment to ; ceremonies of, 259. Rion, Capt. W. H., Death of, 181, 182. Robinson, Leigh, Noble oration of, 259. Rockwell, Joseph E., 83. Rogers, Hon. R. L., 57. Salisbury, Lord, 343. Saunders, LL.D., Life and Services of Col. W. L., 212. Seymour, Gen. Truman, 179. Shaw, Capt. R. G., Death of, 181. Sheppard, W. L., 261, 294, 361. Sherman, Terms offered Johnston by, 205. Shiloh, Battle of, 326 Simkins, Col. J. C., Death of, 172, 182. Slaughter's Mountain, Battle of, 378. Slaughter, Peyton, 308. Slavery forced on Va., 267 ; Efforts for eman- cipation, 273. Smith, Hugh R.. 79. Smith, W. C., 81. Soldiers' Home, Richmond, Va., Its origin, history, benefactors, and roll of inmates, 315. Sophocles, His Tragedy of Antigone, 375. Sorrel 1, Gen. G. M., 58, 69; gallantry of, 80. South, Noble Defence of the; past relation of to Slavery, 263. Stevenson, Gen , 179. Stewart, Col. Wm. H., 314. Strong, Gen. G. G., 179 ; Death of, 180. Sumter, Who fired the first gun on Fort, 61. Taliaferro, Gen. W. B., 170; Staff of, 171. Taliaferro, Capt. W. T., 171. Tatnall, Commodore Josiah, 19 Tayleure, W. W., 76. Taylor and Ewell, Generals ; their opinion of each other, 33. Taylor, Capt. R., 77-90. Tatum, Capt. W. T., Death of, 181, 182. Tennessee, Casualties of the Army of, Nov., , 127. Tucker, Capt. J. R., 9. Turner, John R., 68. Twiggs, Col. H. D. D., 166. United Confederate Veterans, report of Sur- geon-General Jones, 100, 400 ; officers of for the department of Virginia, 401. Van Brunt, Capt., 16 Venable, Col. Chas. S., 71 Vicksburg, the Defence of, 125.