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Texts: No. III. Firman of 15th June, 1866 116
IV. "8th June, 1867 116
V. "29th November, 1869 118
VI. "10th September, 1872 119
VII. "25th September, 1872 120
VIII. "8th June, 1873 121
IX. "2nd August, 1879 125
X. The Règlement for the International Courts 128
XI. Accessions of Powers to No. X. 141
XII. Decree (establishing the 'Caisse') of 2nd May, 1876 147
XIII. Decree (Unifying Debt) of 7th May, 1876 150
XIV. Decree (Goschen-Joubeet) of 18th November, 1876 154
XV. Decree (Rothschild Loan) of 15th November, 1879 165
XVI. Decree (Commission of Liquidation) of 31st March, 1880 167
XVII. Decree (Law of Liquidation) of 17th July, 1880 169
XVIII. Declaration, at London, of the Great Powers and the Porte, of

17th March, 1885, with Annexed Convention and Decree