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Vol. I—Greece (432 B.C.—324 B.C.)
Preface v
Introduction x
AchillesHis Reply to the Envoys (Legendary) 3
Pericles—I In Favor of the Peloponnesian War (432 B.C.) 9
     II On Those Who Died in the War (430 B.C.) 16
    III In Defense of Himself (430 B.C.) 27
CleonOn the Punishment of the Mytileneans (427 B.C.) 34
Alcibiades—I In Support of the Athenian Expedition to Sicily (414 B.C.) 41
  II To the Spartans (413 B.C.) 47
NiciasAgainst the Sicilian Expedition (414 B.C.) 49
HermocratesOn the Union of Sicily Against Invaders (416 B.C.) 55
LysiasAgainst Eratosthenes (403 B.C.) 61